Friday, June 06, 2008

Dear Noah.....your last day of school....

was good.....but as the day progressed and you realized what was really did become sad and when you walked out at the end of the day you were really crying hard.

I sort of knew this would be the outcome...but you snapped back pretty quickly realizing that while you would miss everyone a would get to see most everyone again in August.....and that we could enjoy the summer together.

I felt really bad for you though.

Once we got home I started sifting through the entire STACK and piles of school stuff you had brought home. I was so impressed. I had NO idea they taught you so much in school this year because all I saw throughout the year were tiny bits and pieces in your homework. FINALLY all the larger missing pieces were there and it all made sense.

I got to see so much of your work..things YOU ALONE worked on .....and ways you EXPRESSED yourself. I had often wondered when you were younger if one day I would ever get to see or hear you express yourself. IN ANY fashion.

WOW was I stunned. I sat there crying as we went through your stuff. I found a POETRY BOOK....a book filled with things you drew and cut out or wrote yourself. I had no idea you could or were doing such things until I saw that.

I read some short stories you had written and TYPED. Discovering how you THOUGHT and how you PERCEIVED and your mind worked just amazed me. I was speechless.

I immediately wrote a huge thank you e-mail to all your teachers and the principal....thanking them for not giving up on you and for teaching you so many wonderful things.

Because you have had this experience in a public school and it was successful this time have grown so much as a young boy. You have matured. You are much more self-confident and willing to try new things. You are becoming your own very distinct person....

and I love you even more.


(TODAY FRIDAY (seemed like Sat!) you are not feeling all that well. On the way home from Grandma C's house last night you had a really bad headache...and I had to pull over so you could vomit. you are taking it super easy...and only eating Popsicles though you say you feel okay...just not yourself. I think you miss school and have told you I am redoing my schedule yet again so I can spend more time with you during the day to work on school projects here at home again and to do MANY field trips.....)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, Glad your last day went well. Hope the other children all liked their suckers you took to share. Love you to the moon and back.

Melissa said...

Oh wow, his headache sounds horrible, poor guy.

Today was Audrey's last day of school, she cried when she got off the bus realizing she too would not see her teachers or some of her friends all summer, but she's spending the night with one girlfriend from school tonight.

Audrey brought home a ton of papers and books they had been working on all year that I had never seen before.

Good job Noah...Audrey and I are really proud of you! :)

kristi said...

TC has been thrilled that school is over. But in 1 more week, he will start ESY........ugh. I dread how that will go. But hopefully once he gets in the groove it will be good.