Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear are improving a bit......I think...

You are still coughing....a lot....your pinkeye is a bit better but also spreading to the left eye...but they both do not look too awfully bad.

You do seem to sleep better I think at night....the Zyrtec does absolutely NOTHING for your symptoms. Good ole' Claritin still works better.

You have been grumpy....I know because you don't feel all that well. You are also concerned about not being able to go swimming for awhile.....because of being sick....pinkeye.... will get better.....sooner than you think! I pray for you every night and day.

I love you Noah...even though you were quite sassy and mouthy with me today!



Betsy said...

Sassy and are good for that, huh! ...especially when they don't feel well! (adults, too!) Hope Noah is well soon!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, hope you get to feeling better real soon. Love you to the moon and back.