Monday, June 09, 2008

Dear still don't feel all that well....

You have been fighting off some sort of sore throat....where you act like it really hurts to swallow......and you cough off and on. No fever really....though the first day you did have one when you first woke up....none since though.

This is similar to when you had pneumonia.....but you thankfully do not appear that bad...but with possible surgery coming up I need to make sure you are healthy and stay healthy. I cannot believe the hospital has not called us yet wanting you to come in for a check up BEFORE surgery....and no one has contacted me yet to confirm an exact time.

I was hoping and praying (and still am) that your testicles would STAY DOWN like they had been for a few you could avoid surgery. Now some days they are not always present again. SO you will need to be re-evaluated for sure.

I may call today to see if you can get in to see your family doctor for a check up and he can also examine you down there and then I can always call and make a follow-up appointment with the urologist for another check.

Meanwhile you have been tossing and turning at night.....severely.....not sleeping you naturally want to share that misery with me I guess because you have been wanting to sleep with me or have me sleep with you. Then I don't sleep well if at wonder all I did yesterday was sleep off and on pretty much all day......

Today I am fighting off a migraine and whether you are totally up to it or not we HAVE to go to the store today. We cannot put it off any longer.

It has been super hot here....something in the air I think may have set your allergies/sinus symptoms off.

I love you Noah.....we are going to plan some field trips for this summer too!

Today I will probably cut your hair....and you really need a bath!


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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope hair cut and bath went OK. Melissa washed Audrey's hair at the sink (with the sprayer) before she left and also helped her with a shower.

Audrey seemed to sleep real well. She woke up around 8. I had the front yard mowed and part of the back by 9, I figure if the mower woke any neighbors, too bad. At least it's done before it gets so hot. Audrey told me I smell like the lawn mower. LOL. See you guys on Sunday.