Monday, June 02, 2008

Dear Noah.....yesterday was our family reunion....

You and Audrey always have fun together...

The last time we went to the Family Reunion was when I believe you were around 2 years old. We had come back for a visit from Colorado and you had actually accidentally fallen on my parent's front window and busted open your inside lower lip clear through to the outside with one of your teeth so we had to take you to Children's Medical Center before going to the reunion. Now you are 9-1/2 years old already....and you did very well though you got bored a few times because you basically just wanted to stay either playing at the playgrounds or playing in the men's bathroom the entire time.

Yes.....your obsession with bathrooms ....mainly toilets and urinals.....continues. I do always try to satisfy those obsessions so I made time to allow you to play in the bathroom....even recording you flushing the urinal. This after everyone in the park had pretty much gone home and it was empty.

This morning I took you to the park before school and before the park got busy so you could go into the men's restroom there and flush the toilets a few times. You had to also take a peek at the women's stalls.

I stood outside the men's bathroom (AFTER we made sure it was empty) and listened to toilet after toilet flushing.....finally yelling in to you with a STOP TIME because I had to take you to school soon.

You had a fitful night's sleep last night....and came into my room at 2:00 a.m. saying you could not sleep. So instead of just YOU tossing and turning I TOO then could not sleep so we basically were both not sleeping....and next thing I know it was 4:00 a.m.! You finally fell asleep and so did I but today I am fighting off a migraine .....and nasal stuffy crap from being outside all day yesterday probably. Allergy stuff...something. Your nose and right ear has been bothering you.

Today you have another walking field trip if you can handle it. I have given permission for you to go. You are wanting to do more and more and I really want to allow you to try as much as you can do. You are being walked to the Dairy Queen for treats. I know you don't eat anything from Dairy Queen but you were happy to know they do serve you will get something to drink.

Tonight you may skip group because we are going to try to catch the stray cat at Grandma C's house to take to the vet.

I love you Noah.....I hope you have another great day today......only 2 more days of school left!


I think I turned the camera sideways to get the entire urinal in......sorry about it being on the side..... is the monthly testing of the emergency sirens in I promised you I would head over to the newest one by the post office in time to hopefully record it UP CLOSE. I better get that shower now.....noon will be here before you know it!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, glad you had a nice time with Audrey. Hope you and Mommy both sleep well tonight. Love you to the moon and back,

Glad he had a fun day with Audrey. I wonder how Melissa's injuries are today? I'll have to call her tonight. Mom said she's glad the reunion is over. She worries way too much about what to take and if it's good or not. I told her several years ago, all she had to do was bring herself and her appetite. But she thinks she always has to make something. She ended up making three batches of noodles and then she also made that Heavenly Bliss dessert. Hope Noah sleeps well tonight. Got all the photos, some good ones. Whose camera did Margaret use to take a snapshot that had both you and Noah in it? Love you

Melissa said...

I'm glad Noah had a great time. Audrey did fact, she's wanting to spend Sunday night with you and stay there on Monday since school is out next Monday. I told her I didn't know about all that. Love you!