Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear and cooking.......

You seem to be feeling a little better.....your eyes look better. However yesterday you also made a lot of noises and laughed a lot watching videos which made you have coughing fits...and because you were so LOUD you ended up where your throat was sore again last night and you had a difficult time swallowing.

I did hear you play some pretty songs on your sounded very Oriental...Chinese......and I tried to get my camera in there to record it before you stopped.....I only caught part of it but it is below.....and then I realized I was holding my camera SIDEWAYS when the entire film is sideways.......

oh well.

You brought out your Rachel Ray cookbook last night....wanting me to skim it to find something NEW for me to cook

You found a recipe for me to try today and left your cookbook on the kitchen counter turned to that page.

I love are very sweet.


I will post that clip in a second......having problems with Blogger's video is typical

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah,
So what did Mom fix from Rachel's Cookbook? Hope you're feeling better. Love you,