Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear completed the surgery tour.....

We finally DID successfully make it to the hospital last night for your pre-surgery tour. There was a nice-sized group.....and you did very well. At the end you all got certificates of completion and a mask and hat to take home.

Once back outside in the parking garage you let loose....and started making all your loud sounds.

We stopped by Grandma L's house because she had a special surprise for you. Since you were little you have always LOVED to push mini shopping carts.....strollers.....mowers....anything. You especially like strollers but now your toy one is just too short to do it comfortably. I understand that PUSHING is one of your sensory needs and it soothes you. Grandma L. decided to buy you a BIG umbrella stroller to push we stopped by to pick that up on the way home.

Here you are with your new wheels:

AND today was another gorgeous day. I have been out of work more than with I decided to take a break and mow..then weed and trim and water the flowers and feed the birds and wash the car and take out the trash and get the mail and show you what one of those Maple tree seeds look like once they take root...I also showed you our pumpkins coming up out back where we sat those 2 pumpkins from the year prior....

THEN you wanted to go to the park and FLUSH TOILETS....PLAY in the bathroom. I cannot say too many kids want to do that! SO I took you today. You flushed all 3 of the men's toilets and urinals over and over again while I sat outside waiting for you. ONLY of course after making sure the bathroom was empty. There is a vent on the outside I can yell through to tell you when enough is enough...and you stop when I tell you to. So while the other kids were playing at the play were happily flushing away inside the restroom.

You saw a jogger at the park. A man. He had no shirt on. You have remarked on this before...telling me how you just thought it was GROSS and WRONG for a man to be IN PUBLIC without a shirt on. Today you asked me "men who run with no shirts on are drunk right?" I almost busted out. I asked you "what?" and you asked me again. I told you "no....most men who run without shirts are probably just hot and definitely not drunk as they are trying to take care of their bodies by running and staying healthy." You said "well maybe only ELDERLY gentlemen are not drunk" (because this one was an elderly man). You also told me you think sometimes they just don't wear shirts to show off and you think that is wrong in public.

On the way told me you wished you were already 31 years old. When I asked you why you told me "because I would already be alone and I could stay at the park in the bathroom for as long as I wanted flushing the toilets."

I said "oh you wish you were older and living on your own so you could do whatever you wanted when you wanted for as long as you wanted." You said "yes."

I quickly reminded you that even then.....there would be times the flushing would have to stop might need to go somewhere else might need to go to work.....and if others saw you at the an ADULT man flushing toilets over and over......since most adult men do NOT do that....they might wonder why..and find that strange.

I don't think you really cared. Your toilet obsession is at an all-time high.

You have made a couple of other cute comments lately....but for the life of me......I seem to have misplaced those thoughts. So I will get back to you on that!

I love you Noah. Your surgery is scheduled for Monday at 11:30 a.m. tentatively.....we must be there by 9:30 a.m.



Betsy said...

Your Noah is such a cutie! I just loved reading all of those comments he made today. One of my autistic triplets likes to flush the toilet. It isn't quite an obsession like Noah has. He just has to stand there and watch it until it is completely done and the bowl has refilled. I guess I should be thankful he is content with one flush? LOL Hope the surgery goes well....

Melinda said...

hahaha...yes be thankful! Noah lost count after 5 times each with 3 different toilets! AND that was the SECOND ROUND! hahaha

Old Lady Lincoln said...

That is some nice certificate you received Noah. I wonder if they will be giving you another after the surgery. Grandpa and I are glad you liked the stroller, now when we have a get together and Audrey brings her's along, you will both have one to push and won't have to wait to take turns. Love you

Melissa said...

Great job on finishing up the tour Noah! You have a set of nice wheels too! We love you!

KC's Blog said...

Gosh Melinda he's growing like a weed! He's such a handsome fella :) We will be saying prayers for Noah and his surgery.

Melinda said...

thank you!