Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear Noah......you are sick.....

I had to take you to the doctor's yesterday and to the ER this morning because while the doctor yesterday thought you just had allergies or hay fever symptoms....you seemed to get so much worse overnight. You have had symptoms now since last Thursday....I think it is much more than allergies or hay fever. You now also have pinkeye.

So.....it has been something...but you now have antibiotics. I am tired because you have not been sleeping at night well at all...which means you come to me.....and then neither one of us gets any sleep.

Today I am also trying to work now while you play on your computer or rest.....but I am not doing very well. I just really need to take a nap but that is just not possible right now.

Your surgery is scheduled for June 23. Providing you are well enough.

I love you....I pray you start feeling better really soon.

OH......you do look cute with your hair cut short again!



Betsy said...

Here's hoping you both get a good nights sleep! Hope Noah is well soon!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, hope you get to feeling better soon and you and Mommy both get some sleep tonight. Grandma didn't sleep well last night either. So I hope I sleep better tonight also. I also like your short hair cut. Makes me want to rub your head. Love you

Anonymous said...

Yep. Gramps hopes you are feeling better too.