Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dear Noah....today you have an administrative absence from school...


They are doing this incredibly long field day combined with walking field trip and putt putt golf.....so you were excused from school today. They know there is no way you could handle the heat, the walk and then the competition very well so they felt it best (and we agreed) to let you stay home today. Tomorrow will be your last day at school and you are all to take in a special treat to share with everyone else as basically it sounds like a big party day. You want to take fruit roll ups.

We took Tom to the vet yesterday (the stray cat from grandma C's house and he is healthy after all so today he will get neutered and his shots. We will pick him up tomorrow late afternoon early evening then to take back to grandma C's house. After that we stopped at the park in grandma and grandpa L's town and you played for awhile....then we stopped at a local car show and checked out some hot rods......and then we went to visit grandma and grandpa L. Finally back home it was about 8:30 already where you spent time on my PC enjoying photos and videos. Next up bedtime around 10:30...and you slept well last night being tired from SUCCESSFULLY doing a walking field trip at school to the local DQ and then all that activity with me after school.


We also saw a gorgeous sunset we took many photos of......

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Today you are enjoying time on your computer designing houses.....and watching train videos. IF we have time and the weather holds out (we are to get severe weather later).....we might try to go in search of some trains for you to videotape.

With me working and not finishing till afternoon sometime...there is not much else we can do probably today.

I DID make it up town yesterday in time to RECORD the emergency siren going off. It lasted an entire 3 minutes and 30 seconds with 12 seconds wind down time. WOW was it loud up close and personal.

Anyway.....I love you......and we will have to celebrate your completing a FULL YEAR in GRADE SCHOOL once the year is out. AND today is the day you MUST MAKE presents for your teachers if you are going to.


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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah,
Glad you slept better last night than what you did on Sunday night. I slept good to, and I even took a half hour nap yesterday. I'm glad I mowed the yard yesterday, because with this rain I wouldn't have been able to today. Have fun your last day of school. Love you, Grandma L.