Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dear Noah......the swing not in the proper position at the park Sunday really upset you.....

I do not always see things bothering you like they used to ......where you would obsess and cry and have almost a meltdown over something being out of place....or not quite right.......apart from the "norm" in your immediate environment.

Sunday at the park at the Reunion this happened and I was quickly reminded of how you used to be all the time....what used to be commonplace......a daily occurrence many times over.

You went to swing on the swings at the playground and there was one swing that a group of teenagers had tossed up and over the top bar so it was all messed up and not hanging correctly. This TOTALLY upset you.....and you were having a fit.......and no matter what I said to you to tell you this was OKAY and you had at least 6 other swing choices to choose were still upset. AND I MEAN getting very very upset.

Well auntie Margaret came along and with her one crutch she is still on from her broken foot she was able to lift the swing up and push it up and over the top bar twice to get it into the proper position for you to swing on. Needless to say you were ecstatic this happened......BIG THANK YOU to MARGARET on this one!

And all was right in your world again...and as fast as the "moment" was all over and you were back to yourself again....calm, cool and swinging!


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Old Lady Lincoln said...

And if you click the bottom photo, you can also see Auntie Melissa, before the swing chain broke and she fell, grinding some gravel into her hand, getting some good size bruises on the hip and leg and almost dislocating her shoulder. She said that's the last time she will try a swing at the park.