Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks for the comments.......


thanks everyone.....

I did not post all the emails here as my post was so long the way it was. If you all actually read everything on my last post and survived I pat you on the backs now!

The principal verbally and in her emails was a little"sarcastic" more than a few times and then yes.....she DID try to backtrack on her prior comments on prior emails....I am sure covering her you know what.

I did not like the fact that she encouraged me to tell Noah he was NOT WELCOME and NOT INVITED BACK to school on Friday. AND I do not like her always butting in and telling me what SHE thinks is in the best interest of Noah. She is not around him enough to really know the whole story and to be honest...I am sure those almighty dollar signs are flashing on the backside of her eyelids the entire time she is trying to come off sounding so concerned as we all know the school gets X amount of money for every special needs child in their school.

BUT I do think she is concerned about the kids in the school....but she does not know everything and does not always know what is best for Noah. She is totally AGAINST homeschooling.....and if you could see her reaction to even the mention of it.....(rolls her eyes and tosses it off as just a totally absurd idea - one totally detrimental to any child) is annoying.

She is one that has fought me from day one on Noah not needing a full-time aide of his watch him so he does not wander off....and to help him in social situations....etc.

I mean come on. The biggest area he needs help in would be the playground time as that is the biggest social interaction for the day and DUH.....he of course would need someone there to GUIDE him.

They always give me the excuse that is the same time the aide goes to lunch...blah, blah, blah...but you know what? She is going to have to find another time to has to be freed up to be with Noah. He has wandered off too many times this year....and they continue to allow him to go places by himself.....assuming he will go where he is supposed to go. And then he comes up missing again and all are worried because they cannot find him. I have had enough of that this year too. This is only October for pete's sake......and he has come up missing MANY times in this last month and a couple of weeks. Same for incidences on the playground.

SO the way it looks now...since the principal did not get back with me on Friday.....Noah will not be returning to school Monday......and in fact will not be returning to school unless I get some major issues resolved officially on his IEP and in writing...etc.

THIS time I am going to demand that he gets what I think he needs to get and they better not even try to tell me he does not "need" it....I think now they know HE DOES and they cannot justify why he would not.

We will then go from there. If this means me picking up stuff for him to work on the next week or so here at home I can do that.....if they drag their feet on arranging a meeting which sometimes schools do.

I agree about the aide Jack and Joann - in fact I have mentioned this same idea to them before......and they have always told me that the aide is NOT AVAILABLE during that time as she has other duties during that time. Last year she was having lunch at the same time Noah did so that aide was not available to be with him on the playground. So 2 teachers are monitoring the playground who do not usually even KNOW Noah let alone understand him or how he ticks, his needs, etc.

It is a free for all and I have continually suggested something constructive be done during that time and they act like they cannot possibly have one aide for just Noah for anything. Well then how about having that aide have a mini recess with Noah and a few of the other special needs children? OR like you suggested and even the school's OT suggested....send him out by himself before the others or AFTER the others....

At this point it all gives me a headache to even think about it.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I hope everything gets worked out for Noah's best interest and yours. It has to be very frustrating for you and him. Good luck with it all.

motherofanothernoah said...

Consider the source, she is a principal right.... She'd never say homeschooling is a good idea. It would be like a holy roller minister proclaiming athiesm is good for some people, she has her head up her tail... Find some other homeschooling moms to talk to, I'm not one but I very likely will be on oneday, and I'm not going to feel bad about it. There is no shame, I'm tired of all these people being like do XYZ, and that's the best/ only thing that's going to work. Who are they GOD??? You are the mother you know Noah they don't!!!!

Seeking Simplicity said...

wow... just read your postings. So what are you going to do? I would think that the aide could go to lunch when Noah goes to lunch so that she would be free at recess.

You never know.. there could be kids that try to trigger a response from Noah too.

But just the fact that it took several people to find him the other day... should prove to them that Noah needs to have assistance all the time. What don't they understand? What if he happens to wander out of school? What will be there excuse then?

Melinda said...

well I am not sure. I need to find out all my options but yes....I would think they can no longer deny that he needs someone there at least to make sure he goes where he is supposed to go and come back...and recess times.......etc.

BUT part of me also does not want to send him back at all.....and just homeschool him or have him do Ohio Virtual Academy online......

or some mix of both...I have a lot to think about and need to make some calls as well.

Melinda said...

and YES.....some kids DO already try triggering a response out of Noah and since he does not ever tell on them or say anything......he is the one who often gets into trouble

Casdok said...

Good luck, and i hope they come to their senses, as you are the one that knows what is best for your child.

Wanda said...

I haven't been here for a while, and was so sorry to hear of this latest episode with Noah and the School.

I so hope you can get this settled with Noah being the one they try to help and care for.