Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear Noah........Friday at school you came up missing again.......

When I picked you up that day the teacher came out and told me after your lunch detention when you were to return to your classroom apparently you did not. EVERYONE was very worried this time and actually scared because two teachers AND the principal were all out looking for you. I am not sure why they did not send down an ESCORT or chaperone of it is obvious you need one. They finally found you down in the gymnasium restroom..oblivious to all around you.


We had a busy weekend......Saturday was the Fire Parade where grandma and grandpa L live.....and then Sunday you and I headed out to Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm and had a BLAST! We went down the slide at Monster Mountain about 10 times at least! SO much fun. (I noticed now when you are watching a parade in person you no longer have to cover your ears when the loud sirens start...and you WAVE to people in the parade.....very cool!)

TODAY (MONDAY) is a walking field trip to Shawnee Prairie Nature Reserve here in town.....and I AM GOING along with another mom to help out.

SO I do not have time to post pics and movie clips right now but I will post some later today when we get back!

I love you should be fun! PICTURE day is Wednesday!



Betsy said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend! My boys still cover their ears for most of the parade noise...especially those firetrucks!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I didn't even get around to reading blogs yesterday. Sounds like you both had a busy week-end. Glad you enjoyed the parade, yes they didn't hurt my ears this much either.

So how did the field trip go. I bet you were really tired last night. Love you

marie6 said...

Hope you both enjoyed the field trip!