Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Noah........the school BLOCKED our home phone number........

I tried calling this morning to leave a message on their ANSWERING let them know you are officially being withdrawn to transfer to Ohio Virtual Academy......but the process is in limbo as surprise surprise........NO ONE will return my calls from the offices that need to in order to get this process started......and guess what? The school has put a BLOCK on my home number.

THAT should sum up to anyone the kind of staff I have had to deal with. I was not and did not harass them and would not. I wanted to make arrangements to come in and pick up Noah's school supplies.....his class picture and a 37.00 scholastic book order I have already paid for. I wanted to only leave a message this morning to remind them he was officially being withdrawn to transfer to OVA so they would NOT count him TRUANT. I cannot even do that now. I did try calling just now on my cell and it rings......but never went into answering mode.

I contacted my former social worker yesterday and she said she could make arrangements to go pick up your things from the school if I did not want to. I had explained to her yesterday I needed to go and retrieve these items but I did not want to ever go back there if I could avoid it. She said that was an area she could help and she could go in my place. I thanked her and said YES. I definitely will have to have her do this service now as I have no way to make any arrangements myself because the school.....the immature staff........BLOCKED MY PHONE NUMBER!!!!!

The social worker was afraid the school would try to make it hard for me to withdraw you because of your IEP but I explained I have dealt with this before and an IEP does not and should not make withdrawing any different than it would for any other child. I have done it before and had to do nothing different. I may have to CLOSE it.....sign off on it......and I am willing to do that with THIS school as I don't want any of them to provide any services for you any more so they could be released from their obligations there.

They better not try the TRUANCY card either just to give us a hard time. I will go get a freakin' note from your doctor if need be excusing you due to emotional duress which you have been under for the past 2 days because of the stuff that happened in school on Monday.

I have enough helps in place this should all be avoided. I called your after school social group leader and explained to her I was withdrawing you from the school to transfer you to OVA. I have contacted and am working with my former social worker who can still do a lot for us so we don't have to which in this case since she is a neutral party I figured would be the way to handle it.

I am still STUNNED the school blocked our home number and yet again I am not surprised. WHAT.....are they afraid of me? Are they going to try saying I harassed them when all I did was make ONE phone call to their secretary yesterday??

Even though I could call from another number.....I am too leery about it now. I also do not want to go to the school by myself......if I had to. Anyone want to go with me??? I don't know if I could call a police officer to go with me to the school or not to pick up your supplies. This is all so absurd.

I love you Noah. Tonight I am taking you trick or treating with your cousin Audrey and her mom. Hopefully we can all relax a little bit there.



Betsy said...

Wow. I'm stunned, too! Can they do that? They have people they have to answer to...the county board of education? That is just absurd.

Yes, I agree....put it all behind you for the evening and enjoy the trick-or-treaters! I want to see Noah going as the Sonic mascot? :)

Melinda said...

yes he is going as Sonic!

I could not believe the school did that either. I am sure if they are not allowed they will suddenly UNblock me to make it look like I have lost my mind or something or was lying. I would not put that past them.

If they get harassed maybe they have the authority to block a number. BUT I only called ONE time yesterday and that was brief...I talked only to the school secretary and she referred me to another place to call.

Anonymous said...

? how do you know that is what they did? you could test from your cell while you are at another number and then call right back from that one. but hello...are they TWO???

Seriously? Are you thinking at all about filing some kind of complaint with them?

I would not go quietly.

Anonymous said...

oh and don't call...just GO. it is a PUBLIC school. PUBLIC. do not hide from have done nothing but act like a caring concerned mother who wants the best for her child.

on another note...I thought of you as a read another fellow autism moms blog....maybe you have read it.....Lora and Griffins blog? if not, you should, She is great-and she JUST had to pull her little guy out of school for a lot of the same reasons and she is battling the school district. If you want a link I can send you... it is not just you who is having a hard time.

Melinda said...

I know because of the message on the other end of the phone this morning when I tried to make a call from home. It said the party would not accept a blocked number.....blah blah blah.....

I can call from my rings.......I did not attempt to reach anyone that route is all being handled now via my former social worker and the superintendent.

Anonymous said...

good gravy!

KC's Blog said...

Oh my gosh Melinda I am so damn furious! Blocking your number? That is the most childish thing they could have done. I am in shock at how they have treated you and Noah. Can't they see that Noah is the suffering because of this? Whatever happened to doing what's best for the child? That school sucks and the teachers suck too. Poeple just do NOT understand how it takes our children days to recover from a very emotional day. It does take days and it's so hard on their little body and mind. Noah will be the best of hands with a "REAL TEACHER" his MOTHER. Shame on all of them at that "school."

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I would definitely let the social worker handle it now. It sounds as though they don't want to help any longer and never did much help from the beginning. Just wash your hands of the whole thing, let her do it and start new with OVA. See you guys later. Love you both.

Melissa said...

I know I've run into that message because my old phone number was blocked or private. My landlord had a message that they would not accept calls from blocked numbers and I had to push a star 67 to get through.

I'm glad all this is for the most part behind you.