Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear Noah......a trip to Krogers at 3:00 a.m.

yeah. When you wake up and need me for anything or even after waking up in the morning you do NOT say "MOM....." and then whatever you need or "good morning Mom" without me saying something to you first. I have many times, after hearing you come out of your room in the morning, waited to see how "long" you would stand behind me before ever saying good morning. Well apparently you could stand there forever as you say nothing - - ever. I have to initiate it.

Same thing for when you wake up in the middle of the night and need something. You will just walk to my bedside and hover there.....never saying anything. I have told you to at least TOUCH my arm as I may not know or sense you standing there needing something. You have to sometimes say "HEY MOM" and then what you need. I was sleeping pretty well with my phone alarm set to go off at 4:00 a.m. to get up to start working here at home (and I had to stay up till 11:30 to finish my work here at home last night because I had to miss some work in the daytime due to taking the break to take you to the doctor). SO this meant when you were standing there hovering I had only had about 3 hours of sleep. You informed me ever so gently later that " snore!" (and here I had been over that for a long time....I guess not getting enough sleep and it has started again?)

You DID touch my arm finally....and I woke up. You said your stomach was really hurting like that last time you had to go to the hospital and they found out you were completely filled up inside with stool. I asked you on a pain scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst what level of pain you had. You said a 5-6.

So great.....this meant a trip in the middle of the night to Krogers to get some
enemas for you (since I had never stocked up on any yet) and also something to help keep your stools soft. I mean you do not eat vegetables......and are just now starting to eat a few apple slices from time to time. You do drink apple juice but come need much more water and fiber than that.

What a deal! Krogers had Fleets enemas for 1.00 we grabbed 2. We also found some dissolvable stool laxative-type strips that you place on your tongue that work overnight...which will help clear you out from the top part of your intestinal tract down. I will need to take you to a gastroenterologist to talk about your stooling issues. MiraLax may not work well for you as you probably could not tolerate drinking a glass of that stuff.....and I am not sure fiber products with no taste would provide enough stool softening effect though eventually it may help regulate you longterm.

The thing is you go at least 10 times or more a day it seems.....tonight alone you went at least 10 times. BUT you apparently wait too long to get into the bathroom so by the time you do...nothing really comes out except a little dab on your bottom that you wipe off. It never even hits the toilet. So it all builds up and gets harder and harder and then you cannot go. Every so often you do actually have an actual bowel movement......but apparently it is not happening every time you go to the bathroom.

The last time EMTs had to take you out on a gurney to the ER as the pain was so bad you could not even walk or stand up or sit up. The x-ray showed you had stool all the way up your intestinal tract to your STOMACH! The doctor said a lot of kids do this holding behavior and then cannot go and get constipated more or less and when they get as filled up as you can be dangerous as intestines can burst. THAT is NOT something you ever want to happen.

SO we went to Krogers......and I tried to remember to get anything else we might need at the same time besides Fleets enemas and laxative stuff but my brain was not functioning 100% due to lack of sleep....and I forgot the wipes for your bottom as we are almost out. Guess you will have to use the ones we have for school if we cannot get anywhere tomorrow to get some since I have to work....etc.

Krogers had Ore Ida hashbrowns on sale for 1.99 a bag!!! You live on these for breakfast so we grabbed a couple of bags. I gave you a stool softener strip in the car.......1 laxative/enema when we got home......and finally almost 1 hour later after starting on this official work shift starting are on the toilet going.

My head feels eyes are not seeing things well.....I know due to lack of sleep. I am going to have to start a little later this morning so I can grab at least 1 more hour of sleep. Opie is wondering what is going on as he is seeing us coming and going in the middle of the night.

Our town sure is empty and nice and quiet in the middle of the night.

I love you Noah....but you really need to eat more apples and drink more water.


(OH....Noah was fine at the doctor's.......stress/sensory overload and his ears needed washed out really good)....of course I am sure being filled with stool which we did not know about....has also contributed to his funky state of being as it did so the last time he got this way).


Melissa said...

Well I hope he gets emptied out today, poor guy. Love you both!

Donna Cooper said...

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Betsy said... Harry had this exact same problem. I posted an entry about it a while back. After years of experiementing with all kinds of softeners, laxitives, miralax, and enemas, I found a combination that works for him.

Melinda said...

Betsy: I almost got that Benefiber last night for Noah but needed an immediate fix first.....will eventually go back and get it. I told him we could mix it in his juice and he could drink it to help keep him regulated all the time. Noah cannot take pills yet so I doubt he could do Biotin unless it was a chewable form.

I found it odd Noah can go to the bathroom so many times during the day......10 or more......but still be officially constipated!

I want to get him regulated and hopefully that will lessen his time spent in the bathroom too and he can fully evacuate each time...another HUGE problem for him.

thanks for the tips!

Betsy said...

Hey...the benefiber is great...but...we really needed the biotin to go with it! Hope you find a solution...everyone is different! The biotin we use is in capsule form. Our boys will take a pill on a spoon of applesauce. They used to have to have them opened and stirred into the applesauce but we've since graduated up from that.

And if you go to Walmart, the EZ fiber is just like Benefiber but much cheaper. Good luck!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope everything is working ok today and things are moving smoothly. Love you both.