Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear Noah.......IEP crap

I am trying to formalize my wording of everything as the recent IEP meeting on Monday and events that have followed have totally ticked me off. Post to follow soon.

Grandparents night was a success. Noah had a lot of interesting things in his science/social studies classroom. His math room too. His home room not so much.....they also do reading and language arts in there.....but I did not really see any activity type stuff sitting evidence of hands-on type work......visible evidence of anything really. So that was a disappointment.

But lately I am disappointed with a few things pertaining to the staff at that school.

Noah's highlight I think last night was showing his 2 grandma's the school bathrooms.....and the fact that he got to go inside the girl's restrooms and show them those.

I love you will probably just go to school today....and I will go to the funeral alone and meet up with the rest of my family once there.

I love you.....and no matter if the school tries to frustrate me to the level where I give up.....I want you to know I will never give up when it comes to you and you receiving all you should in order to be successful.


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kristi said...

Keep fighting the good fight!