Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dear Noah......tonight is "grandparent's night" at your school.....

and you are excited about taking your grandma L and great grandma C to see your school and classrooms. You asked this morning when you got up if you had to go to school to be able to go to grandparent's night and I asked you "WHY?" I know you did not feel the best again this morning...and your throat was bothering you again on one side. You said you were very tired and did not feel that well and it was hard to swallow. You were just tested for Strep last Friday and it was negative. Well the one done in the office was negative. We do not yet have the results of the one sent out.

I said yes you had to be present at school to go to the grandparent's night and you could not keep missing school every week on a somewhat regular basis unless you really had a problem.

So as of now it is still on for tonight. You have also told me you want to go with me to the funeral tomorrow ....but I am still not sure about that.

I am hoping and praying you have a good day today....to say I am nervous about it since I know you did not feel well would be an understatement. Lately my nerves are just about shot!

I love you Noah


A snippet of Noah and his great grandma C....we were eating popcorn and she and Noah were working a word search puzzle


Betsy said...

Hope tonight goes well! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, too!

Melissa said...

Well Mom's gone, so I'm assuming it was still on! I hope they all enjoy seeing his school. I also hope he's not getting sick.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Both Mom and I enjoyed seeing Noah's school. They sure do have a lot of walking they have to do from the different classes.

Also Noah wanted Mom and me to check out two of the girl's restrooms. I thought it was cute how he was explaining them to us.

I also hope today goes well at the funeral. Hope he forgets about it and is able to go to school and enjoy school today. See you later Melinda. Hang in there. It's a shame Noah's Daddy doesn't live closer so he could take him some week-ends and give you a break. Love you both.

Melinda said...

well I don't really want a break mom....other than with the SCHOOL STAFF to do their jobs that they are supposed to be doing to begin with. I get tired of that fighting all the time.......which is probably their goal......for parents like me to just toss in the towel and give up.