Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dear is picture day at school!


(Noah with his back to us in red and a few of the other kids who went on the trip learning about seeds.  There were THREE classes that went so like almost 70 kids!)


You stayed home Tuesday to recover from the "walking" field trip.  You were just worn out and your neck hurt.  You had a very tough time sleeping and I figured you would have a hard time handling the day without enough sleep.  You did not wake up until after 9:00 a.m.


(The SUGAR SHACK where they make maple syrup in the fall/winter)

We both agreed.....the "walking" field trip would not be something we would do again.  It is just TOO FAR to have you kids walking and so FAST!  (Since the school has limited resources and do NOT provide bus transportation....all the kids WALK to their field trips.  Now if the places were all located relatively close I would have no issues. )



I volunteered to walk along with the kids this year to see what really happens and how far it really is and how safe.....etc.


(kids learning about the buckeye tree which they are standing under)

Noah your classmates are all very nice kids.  I got a kick out of talking to them all and walking with them all including  you.  However, we had limited time and they made everyone almost RUN to get to the nature reserve....which was about TWO MILES ONE WAY.   AND they did NOT walk in via a back route but instead dragged all of us on the main road where cars drive 55 MPH plus!   Sure we were off the road into the ditch area....but that is still not safe and makes it very difficult for kids to walk ....and some of these kids were handicapped and had difficulty with their feet or walking to begin with! 


(Giant hornet's nest....blurry picture sorry)

I personally will never volunteer to walk it again unless they provided ample time.   We left late coming BACK so we barely made it back in time for all the kids to get to their buses on time.  I only had time to sign back out of school and walk around to pick you up Noah.  It was cutting it too close time-wise and too much to ask for you kids to walk that far that fast and then after walking even MORE at the reserve....then have to walk another 2 miles back!


(great horned owl)

AND it is not like we have not been there we all have.  SO I am not really even sure about the wisdom of this.  I think a trip to a few places here in town would have been better.  This reserve is OUT IN THE COUNTRY....and a bus should provide transportation there. 



I was proud of you and how you behaved though....and all in all it was an okay day. 


Since we were moving so fast most of my photos turned out very blurry!  I mean horribly so.   So I don't have much to show for it. 


We are finally getting some rain today!  FIRST IN WEEKS OR LONGER!  I would like to crawl back into bed and sleep in!

I love you Noah.......hoping today will be a great day for you and you take a fabulous photograph for school!



(some of the staff at the reserve)

OF NOTE:  We made another trip BACK out to Shawnee Prairie to walk around some more and allow you time to check out their bathrooms......and take photos and movie clips of the that is what interested you the most I think from this whole trip.  You also were the first to notice a port-a-potty right by the area outside where your group talked.....





Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad you all arrived safely and back home safely. Have to run, have to get myself dressed, and make sure Audrey is dressed and fix a bite of breakfast. Love you both.

Betsy said...

Wow...I think I need a nap just reading about it! I agree...that is a long way, especially for anyone disabled. I would need a sick day after that, too! :) Hope the picture is a good one!

kristi said...

No way would TC walk 2 miles. No way! I would have to carry him and that is almost impossible. I get tired picking him up to carry him down the hallway to bed.

It sounds as if Noah did great though!

Melinda said...

yes..Noah and I figured up we walked at least 5 miles on that day total....

I think having kids walk 4 miles and asking them to do 10 minute miles is asking a bit much...especially in grass and not even sidewalks all the way.

Jack and Joann said...

Concerned parents should schedule a meeting with the powers that be and see if that large crew at the nature center can't stuff some of their nature stuff in a van and bring it to school and have a nature presentation in the school auditorium. Then they could hand out brochures and info on the nature center and tell the kids to tell their parents to plan a visit to the nature center. And if you come, you will get some buckeye nuts or something as a catch to get them to come on out. We used to have lot of nature center presentations like this at my school.