Thursday, July 24, 2008


you got up at 4:45 am....needing something cold for your throat. AND more Motrin as you still had a fever but it was much lower....only 100.4.

SO you had 2 Popsicles and Motrin and back to bed you went.

Problem it is only 6:30 or so and you are BACK UP again....thinking you should be up for the day. This is when I try to get a lot of work done while you far my starting work at 4:00 a.m. is not really going very well......


I can tell you are sleepy and tired and still not feeling well....but you failed to follow instructions to only lie on the sofa quietly and watch TV as you were harassing the cat. Now after RE-instruction you are lying quietly on the sofa watching cartoons.....very sleepy-eyed.

I hope and pray you can fall back to sleep for a couple more hours...though you did go to bed a lot earlier than usual (but have still not had your 9-10 hours of sleep yet)

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Perhaps you can take a nap later in the day, and Mommy can rest to. Love you