Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Noah.......our new library......

is really nice. It is much larger and the kid section is HUGE!!!! One might say they have really catered to the kids and I think that is great! The kids have the newest section and so many more books to choose from cozy reading areas and play areas.

Here you are in the reading/play area testing out some activity centers.

It has been super we should get some storms. HOPEFULLY.

We bought school stuff yesterday. You are excited about starting school again.....I am trying to cram some homeschool in the next few weeks......and I also am anxious about you this year as you really won't have someone assigned to you.....not that you did before either.....but in essence you did because someone was always with you.

NOT sure how that will be handled this year as I STILL feel you need that......but you will only be in an inclusive classroom with everyone else and a regular teacher and extra teacher to help kids (including you) who might need it.

I have to say my anxiousness is warranted....and I still feel you will need a parapro to help...and I really don't think they plan on doing that this year. BUT we will see how it goes and surely this inclusive teacher is also like a parapro.....but more skilled to be able to also teach.....we will see......and I will see how you do and how things go. Or maybe they will also HAVE a parapro in addition to the extra teacher. THAT would be best!

We will then meet up for another IEP meeting in 30 days after school starts (Aug 26)if we can make it that long......and go from there.




Melissa said...

Wow, the library sure looks really nice Noah! I started to buy some of Audrey's school supplies too. She starts back to school on August 20th. Love you!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah,
Wow, that looks like a super area in the library for children to play and read.

I'm hoping we get some rain also, we sure need it.

Love you to the moon and back, Grandma

Wanda said...

Hi Noah:
I love the Children's section in a Library much better than the adult section.

You can find me in the children's area...but I don't fit so good in those small chairs.

Have a Good Day..... See ya.

The Broken Man said...

I love the fact that you write a blog for your child - I have started writing a diary for our as-yet-unborn child, but I never thought of putting it online.

The Broken Man

Casdok said...

Your library looks fab! Its great what they do for kids thses days.