Monday, July 14, 2008

Dear Noah.......sorry I still feel pretty crappy.....

I know it is tough for you.....cause I don't feel like doing anything more than the basic stuff and even that is hard for me right now. Today I had to take a long nap after mowing......I think I had pinkeye and mowing did not make my throat/chest/cough feel any better. It really exhausted me.

Here is a clip of you at grandma and grandpa L's in their backyard.....and noticing NEW GROWTH which you said they would be "excited about!"

I love you Noah.....hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better yet.



Melissa said...

Nice video Noah! You pointed out the new growth to me when I was in the backyard. I hope your Mom gets to feeling better. Audrey and I love you!

Maddy said...

Why can't I see anything except a little thingummy going round and round. There again, I probably just AM and little thingummy going round and round.

Hope tomorrow is an improvement.