Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dear are sick......sore throat and fever to the docs we will go today!

You woke up complaining it was hard to swallow again.....and your throat was sore. I also thought you felt like you had a fever and you do. Over 100 degrees already.

I am still not completely over whatever it is I have had....and now you have what you had we are BOTH going to see the doctor today. I know with your heart issues you have to be careful with infections especially ones they said in the mouth and you will need antibiotics I am sure.

Anyway....I love you....hopefully we will both feel better really soon.....but I have been saying that now for 4 weeks.



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Are you going to Urgent Care, or driving down here to the doctor? Good luck, hope you both get over it this time. Love you both.

Steph said...

I hope he's feeling better soon!