Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Noah........I hope you feel better soon!

We both went to the doctor yesterday. We both have swollen glands in our necks but yours are much worse than mine. I honestly think I am finally getting better so that is probably why.....and I am an adult. My ears are getting better now but you have otitis media. This will only be the second time you have had any issues with your ears. Our throats are both still pretty red but again yours worse than mine.....and mine is looking so much better than it had. My sores are all gone now I think and I can actually swallow decent. You on the other hand......cannot. You have a fever.....I don't. Last night before bed it was over 102 again. I hope the Motrin kicks it out of your system.

The doctor thinks we both now have sinus infections .....but I really don't think so. I mean NEITHER ONE of us have any nasal symptoms or sinus pressure or symptoms. NO blowing of our noses at any are not coughing so much at either time. I did cough a lot though. I know we have had postnasal times.....but little and I know that is what can make the throat sore. But this seems more like a virus or something we picked up.....and then it went through the different stages trying to get out of our system. You had pink eye early on.......then I got it WELL AFTER you had symptoms affected my ears.......but then finally started to feel better. Your symptoms you had before are all back again in full force.....and now they are affecting your ears. I was dizzy for 2-3 days or you are really dizzy...but I think that is because your ears are messed up. I do still cough up don't.

Anyway..she put us both on stronger antibiotics for TWO weeks. I am already thinking about calling back today to ask for a different antibiotic for you. She gave you a generic form of Bactrim DS and I have heard and read horror stories about it. It is sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim and well....I don't think I want to subject you to those possible side effects. Why can't we stick with plain old amoxicillin since we know it works for you and you can handle it well? The generic Bactrim contains sulfa and I am allergic to sulfa and I am just not comfortable giving it to you. PLUS the dosage is in question. She is wanting you to take 3-1/2 teaspoons twice per day which seems pretty high for a dose. I just don't feel comfortable so I am going to call and request amoxicillin again. Your rapid strep in the office was negative but you have ALL the symptoms of strep and amoxicillin would kick that better than Bactrim would.

SO feel pretty crappy. I feel better than I have in 4 weeks finally....I just hope I did not give all I had back to you.

I guess our house is a house of sickos for right now. I love you very much and I do hope and pray Noah you will feel MUCH MUCH better today when you wake up!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

I hope and pray you both feel much better SOON! It's not much fun to have an infection in the nose/throat areas.

My Dr. gives me medicine saying I have rhinitis what ever that word is for the nose, and he usually give me the Z pack, because he says it will turn to sinusitis.

Anyway, feel better soon, love you both.

Wanda said...

Noah, I enjoyed the slide show on the sidebar. You are a very handsome young man.

Sorry you are sick...praying you feel better soon.