Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dear Noah.....

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Civil War Section at Woodland Hills Cemetery, Dayton, OH

Last Sunday we went to my parents' house for birthday celebrations for me and my sister. Her birthday was June 27 and mine July 5. We try to cram several birthdays onto a holiday when we can. That morning started out rough.....I got upset about the cat doing something here in the house. I admit I screwed up and cussed......and this upset you.....and you said some things to me that really surprised me and hurt me.....such as you wish you had a gun because you would kill me if I said another bad word.....etc. What does one say to that? You lost it......I mean lost it. So we were not going to go.....I figured you needed some cooling down time....and then I realized it was mostly me that started it all to begin were only getting upset because of my yelling and occasional cuss word (IN MY BEDROOM with the door closed).....and you were afraid you were going to miss out on the party and seeing your cousins.etc. SO I decided to go after all....

We had a long talk before we went......and we went over everything.....and the only reason I am rehasing PART of it here is to there will be documentation of this for you or anyone else going through something similar one day. I know kids say things when upset they do not always mean....and as they get older and wiser they regret some of those I am really trying to not take it personal anymore and I think I did finally successfully get past that!

I did take off Friday the 4th and today the 5th for my we could spend time together and so special things. Your cousin Audrey was to come over on Sunday and spend the night into Monday......but I went and got we have not really been doing anything or going anywhere.

we DID make it to Cracker Barrel on Monday after my doctor's appointment....and then to Woodland Hills Cemetery and then to your cousin's house....and you got Domino's pizza for supper...something you have not had now for at least a month.

I thought it was sweet when out of the blue you walked back into the kitchen to tell me THANK YOU for getting you the Domino's pizza.....all without any prompting on my part.

I love you Noah.....I feel bad for you that I feel like crap and cannot do anything with you after all these past couple of days. I got some medicine today so hopefully I will start to feel better soon!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad everything is calm and peaceful again. Also very happy you two were able to come down last Sunday. More later. Have a good evening.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Mom said everything seems to be better with your health or cold or whatever you have had. Hope you have a nice day. Think Becky will be home late. Hope she brings us a pound of gold or two.

kristi said...

I hope things get better for you soon.