Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Noah.......our small pumpkin patch is coming up nicely!

First of all thank you to all who are keeping Noah in your prayers. I appreciate that and appreciate my mom passing the word along on her blog which drew many of you to here to read about my son and some of the issues he is facing. I really feel all will be just fine but still appreciate all the prayers anytime any of you feel like offering any up.

Noah! The 2 pumpkins we set outside earlier this year to decompose naturally in the far backyard are now a new pumpkin patch! The seeds from the prior 2 pumpkins after they deteriorated took root and have grown into a nice (yet small) pumpkin plant with many flowering blooms on it! Providing the squirrels do not eat the small blooms or pumpkins as they come on....we will have some nice pumpkins coming on soon enough! The plant has MANY flowering blooms and some not yet opened. You are excited about this and seeing the progression of growth.

Last night you had a my seemed to sleep really well and so did I. I soak up as much as I can from all the good moments we get to spend together!

I love you!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah,
Wow, that pumpkin plant looks great. Perhaps a little chicken wire around it would keep the squirrels away.
When I was little my Grandma Custer (would have been your Great-Great Grandma Custer) use to grow pumpkins, but she would pull the blooms off , wash them, flour them and fry them, they tasted pretty good. But she had a really big patch and could spare a few to fry.
Have a good day, keep cool. Love you to the moon and back.
Love, Grandma L.

Wanda said...

Hi Noah:
I was just thinking yesterday, that July is almost over, and I will begin to decorate my home with fall colors and I love pumpkins.... Maybe I will plant some.

I hope you will post a picture of your pumpkins when they get big. Makes me want to bake a pumpkin pie.

I am thinking about you and saying prayers.

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Noah,

Pumpkins! Pumpkins make good pumpkin pies. They are one of my favorite pies. But, I just buy "Mrs Smiths" pumpkin pies now days.

Have a nice day and feel good.


Maddy said...

Adding my feeble contribution.
Best wishes as always

Osh said...

Dear Noah,
Evan is growing pumpkins too! His are in a container though, not in the ground.

Also, your grandfather, Mr Lincoln left a comment on my blog...he might be interested in knowing that my family has friendly ties with Abe Lincoln the President. Maybe he has heard of Henry Onstott's cooper shop in New Salem? He is my great great grandmother's uncle. And her sister's husband, Capt William Johnson was with Lincoln at Ford's Theater on that certain night...just a bit of trivia for you.

Anyway, soon we can share pumpkin pictures!
hugs from Evan's mom,

Jack and Joann said...

We used to fry pumpkin blossoms. Very good. Very rich. So just eat a few.

Noah, your pumpkin patch is going to produce The Great Pumpkin! I just know it.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts.