Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Noah.....you had 2 spells yesterday with your heart......

out of the blue ....you came rushing into my office last night to tell me your heart was pounding really hard and you thought you were having a "spell." You told me to put my hand on your chest to see......and man......your heart felt like it was going to pound right out of your chest and you had only been sitting before that.

SO we got that heart recording device the hospital gave us to use and recorded your heart sounds to send to the hospital today. You had an episode before that while we were at Goodwill but I forgot to carry that monitor with us. I need to remember to bring it with us everywhere we go....but I have been only using it here at home.

SO from now on it goes wherever we go.

This episode took a long time too before it ended. I was not sure if I should keep recording or not. It only can hold 3 one-minute recordings at a time before sending them in.

SO anyway....I will call this one in today and we will go from there.

I love you Noah! Your heart sounded funny on that machine!



Jack and Joann said...

Oh My! Hugs and Love to both of you.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope they can make something from it and know for sure what is going on. That would probably scare a grown-up, but he's probably been having these most of his life and he wouldn't know any different, so I doubt it would scare him too much. Love you both.

Melissa said...

I hope the doctor can figure all this out. Love you both.

Wanda said...

Hi Noah ~~ I have seen one of those heart monitors... My husband had to wear one when he was having some heart problems.

Hopefully now, the doctors can help find out why your heart is beating so fast.

I think about you often. Sending love and prayers.