Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dear Noah........."freakin'!"

a phrase you have unfortunately heard escape my lips from time to time. In fact many around you use it....but....once again you have to master the skill of knowing WHEN you CAN say it or when not.

While at school Friday when you were working on an assignment with your you apparently surveyed the quantity of questions on your assignment you loudly blurted out "there are just too many freakin' questions!"

It was all the teacher could do not to bust out laughing...and while I am sure that phrase summed up your frustrations so much better than an entire paragraph of words could have was far from the appropriate time or place.

BUT you are not alone little man....for we all use that word and some far more inappropriate times and places although this does not make it right. Learning to control one's thoughts from always escaping and forming themselves into words that can a skill one must continually strive to achieve. It is an ongoing process. I don't believe I have personally met anyone yet who has it mastered.

I love you Noah.....I FREAKIN' love ya!



kyra said...

noah was being so descriptive! i've heard fluffy uttered some of my own not necessary appropriate phrases.

Melinda said...

YES! It has taken YEARS but he does finally use his words pretty well most of the time and his sentences and telling of how he feels about something to someone has improved tremendously!

I remember days in the not too distant past where instead of blurting this sentence out he would have struck out....or had a meltdown. SO I am very thankful for him!

KC's Blog said...

I giggled at what Noah said to the teacher about the questions, he's just too cute!
Big Brother has been using this word "effing" alot. He'll usually say it when he's angry, "this effing game isn't working!" Thank god he hasn't said it at school. I am sure it will slip one day.

Melissa said...

I had to giggle when I read what he said to the teacher. I tend to use this word at work a lot or flippin' a lot at work also. Both of which I'm trying to cut down on.

oldmanlincoln said...

Patty told me about this yesterday at lunch and I laughed out loud. I know how he must feel and he said what he thinks.