Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dear Noah......NOT the F-WORD!

We had just had a discussion about this word yesterday morning before school because one of the songs you heard before school they said the word F--king in it. I was surprised you picked it out and even noticed it....but I guess I should have realized it was only a matter of time being in public school before you heard the word. I mean I knew I could not protect you from that word and many others like it for your entire life......even if I managed to up until now.

In your school agenda that you brought home which contains your homework assignments......there was a notation at the bottom from your teacher that said you had been a little noisy coming back into the classroom from lunch......and apparently another student heard you say the F-word. Needless to say since we had just talked about this and I had given you all the reasons WHY the F-word is "never" going to be a "good choice" of a word for you to use in public.....I was stunned to see you had apparently TESTED that same word out. I had to ask myself why? Was it to see if the results I had warned against really would come to pass?

Apparently while walking back to the classroom you were RUNNING and yelled out to a couple of boys "You better leave the F--king clay alone until Mr. Winner returns!"

Well alrighty then! (I guess you were working on maps with that home-made clay we made last week and all of you were not to touch it until your teacher for that class, Mr. Winner, returned. I guess you were afraid perhaps someone WOULD touch it before he returned). Oh you are the always present Mr. Monitor/Helper/Protector/Guide....making sure everything is just so-so. I have heard that you even try to keep your teachers on course when they say for exampled in 10 minutes we will do _____. IF they are not done in 10 minutes apparently you verbally OUT LOUD remind them they are OVER the 10 minute set goal. Anyway, while your motives sound very honorable.....I cannot say your choice of words to use thrilled me.

You told me another little boy named "Robbie" was always saying either "freaking" or "f--king" and you decided you wanted to imitate him. Of course on this special day in your life ROBBIE was also absent. You did mention that ROBBIE spends most of his days in the Principal's office!

We have since reviewed all the do's and dont's regarding the F-word.......and I do hope and pray it was the first and last time you will be blurting that word out. If you must say a word.....for now especially since you are only 9 years old......please stick to your over-use of the word "FREAKING." That will likely not ever get you into trouble....or at least not like the F-word would.

I also explained to you that there is right and wrong. Most times you DO know what is right and wrong. Deciding on WHICH way to respond is a CHOICE. I explained that there will be many people you meet in life who CHOOSE to do the wrong things......and that is not an excuse for you to choose to do the same things they choose. I told you that you should always do your best...and always choose the RIGHT thing to do in a given situation. You should avoid the wrong things in life. Just because someone else does something is never an excuse for you to do the same thing.....especially when it is the wrong thing do to to begin with. BE YOURSELF. Stand firm on what is RIGHT. If you want to imitate someone.....imitate someone who chooses to do the right things in life! With that you will go FAR!

On another note....I got a letter in your pack that said you will also now be participating in a social skills development class at school on Thursdays for 4-6 weeks! WOW.....I am really impressed with the school and all they are doing to help any children needing that extra help. I have not yet talked to the guidance counselor to find out what their plans are. You are already doing a social skills class after school on Mondays. I hope this is not the exact same thing only at the school.....although doubling up but in a different environment certainly could not hurt.

I think the most social skills stuff you can do right now would be extremely beneficial as that is where you will need the most work. You are still doing very well academically.

Okay......I need to get back to work. little man.......Kroger's had their leftover Pillsbury Gingerbread cookie dough rolls for 1.00 each. We will go get the rest of what they have today and stick in the freezer to last you hopefully most of the year till they come out next fall.

I love you....very much.



Patty said...

Dear Noah, It seems you are testing your verbal skills and also your Mom's patience. This is how you learn, but it's also very exasperating for Mom. So please help her and try NOT to use the F word. Just because Robbie does, doesn't mean it's OK. Hopefully the teacher will catch him and explain to him the same thing your Mom is explaining to you. Keep up the good work of staying in the green. Love you to the moon and back.

david mcmahon said...

Dear Noah,

All thru your life, you'll hear words you've never heard before.

Always check with Mum whether it's wise to use them in normal conversation!!!

Acceptable F-words are Flag, Fume, Fantastic, etc etc!!

Take care, buddy


Anonymous said...

Hello from Grandpa.
It is cold here today.
The F word is something you must learn about using. There will be a time when you will hear it more than the N word for Nice. I love you.

Nice post on my blog, Melinda. You made my day.

kristi said...

Yep, TC uses words he shouldn't. The kids at daycare always tell me on him!