Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dear Noah.......REPORT CARD........

You are amazing. You have shown such tremendous progress in your life and in school. Today you woke up with a gravely voice and said you were very very tired...and wanted to stay home. I really wanted to push you to go regardless but you did keep laying down and falling asleep like you were really I am letting you stay home.

GRADES are out again. I am very proud of you......guess what you got this quarter???? STRAIGHT A's!!!!!!!!!! YES....ALL A's! Just incredible. AND you improved your grades from last quarter to this quarter too which is quite impressive to me! You are really striving to do your very best...something I remind you of every day before you get out of the car to walk into school.

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I love you's to your success and the BEST you can be!



Patty said...

WOWIE WOW WOW, you couldn't want a better report card. CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done. And I understand you are staying in the green zone, that's good. Love you to the moon and back.

Daddy said...

I am so proud of you. Way to go Noah! I love you very much. Love Daddy

KC's Blog said...

Wow Noah how awesome! Straight A's! Congratulations on the report card! You are such a smart young man. Terrific!

Cathrine said...

Dear Noah :-) keep up the great work ! And what a wonderful mom you have !!! You are a very lucky boy indeed :-) !