Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Noah.....you are something else.......

This morning before school you had a very difficult time listening. I had to correct you a couple of times about the cat and being too rowdy. You were getting carried away playing with Opie....and I scolded you for it and told you to take a break in your room. I walked in and found 2 pillows on the floor. You proceeded to tell me-- when I asked WHY the pillows were on your floor:

"That is standard punishment for you being so freakin' crabby!"

AGAIN with the FREAKIN' and again with the attitude and disrespect to your mommy!

SO I proceeded to explain to you that CORRECTING you for something you were doing that was wrong was NOT being crabby and if you did not want more of it you needed to listen a little bit better and do the things you were supposed to do. I quickly reminded you that NO ONE in your lifetime like in school and other places.... would ever allow you to get away with a snotty attitude or one where you did not listen to what you are told to do.......or heaven forbid the ultimate of TALKING BACK!

Now of course yes.....it was extremely difficult for me to NOT break out in a smile and almost laugh at the sentence above you so boldly blurted out to me. I had to actually cover my mouth with my hand and try to think of things that would really tick me off to break my smile and laughter.

It worked. I corrected you. I gave you breakfast and 2 books to read. You read them. So your reading homework for today is already done before you even come home.

However after reading and breakfast you went right back to playing with Opie too rough....and what happened my little man? WHAT I TOLD you would happen. You got scratched and bit on the nose and face right under your left eye.

I know learning to leave the cat alone and playing only nicely is a process for you. I understand that it will be constant repetition over and over and over and over. These are the times that can really work on a person's patience and sanity. These are times that are so frustrating and difficult......and seem like they will NEVER end. I get that. I guess I am more used to it than some........BUT it does not make it any less frustrating EXHAUSTING and I certainly hope you learn this SOONER rather than later.....because it is getting old very quickly. I thought it had to do with the Christmas tree being up and putting a damper in the two of you playing in the hallway.....but the tree is down and the roughness continues.

I guess I better sit down this week and start planning our extra school work for you here at home. Perhaps you have a little too much free time on your hands?

I still love you

your "freakin" mother


Patty said...

Well Momma, he's growing up. Just think when those teen years come long. I'm sure he's also testing you to see how far he can go. Hang in there and hold your ground. I guess when he gets time out, the cat probably should be put into his own area, that way the cat can rest also. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

forgive me, Melinda, but i had to laugh at Noah's comment AND the way you signed this letter to him!!!

Melinda said...

yes Mom....Opie usually gets a time out too.

I am working with Noah NOW to hopefully AVOID a lot of drama when he becomes a teenager.

Kyra: That is okay....I was almost busting out myself at what Noah said... ;)