Monday, January 21, 2008

Dear off #1....

Sensing by Donna Williams

Yesterday we went to see Grandma C. and took your new Skip-Bo game along to play. We had a lot of fun and played almost 2 games (they are long games).

Today to my surprise you showed no interest in really going anywhere. I sort of wanted to do something special......but what? I had no clue. I did have things to work on here at home so while you did "your thing" I started to do mine. This happens a lot......when we finally get a day off.....we sometimes cannot decide what to do with our time!

Towards the end of the day...while I was running the sweeper and you were waiting on me to run you to a fast-food place for your supper.....I was watching you interact with Opie.

AND here we go again. I could tell you were going to do something you probably should to "catch you" I turned on the sweeper and pretended to be sweeping while I then peeked around the corner to see what you were doing. That is when I saw you playing with Opie and one of his toys.....but then you grabbed his right front paw and picked him clear up off the floor dangling by only that paw/leg. ADDENDUM: Noah has NEVER physically HURT Opie.....but I do not wish for things to escalate to that point. I just think he does some things that are wrong around Opie that have the potential to hurt him.

Holy crap!

I then told you to get into your bedroom and turn OFF your computer. I explained WHY you should not do what you just did to Opie....and then I had you write out 50 times " I will always be nice to Opie!"

Immediately after writing out the 50 sentences you came to me and said "I am going to go on to bed now."

It was only 7:30 p.m. I asked WHY you were going to go to bed so early. You told me you thought it would help you get to tomorrow faster so you could have BURGER King for lunch.

I glanced at your 50 sentences......and at the end you had written "Maybe we can do Burger King tomorrow?"


OH.......and I am now MOM to you. I noticed the past few days you only call me MOM longer MOMMY. I asked you tonight when did I become just MOM to you. You said you saw it on a show on Nick Jr. "Drake and Josh"......where they said once you were 9 or 10 years old you no longer called your mommy "mommy" but instead "mom!"

I asked you if that is how YOU also felt? You seemed to agree.

I have to say this should be no big deal and all part of just growing up......but it sure sounds odd hearing that coming out of your mouth.

Here's to tomorrow......hopefully a much easier day for you than today was.

I love you

Mommy.....oops.........I mean "MOM!"


Anonymous said...

Hello. Hope you are both staying warm. It is snowing here and we got to go to the dentists and doctors office today. Oh well. Hope it is not too bad.

I hope you can learn to play with Opie without hurting him.

Melinda said...

well he has not hurt Opie thus far......he just gets too rough. Most times Opie is oblivious and is fine.

Patty said...

I'm sure he will understand one day what you have been telling him. It may take a little longer. Let's face it, it seems little boys take a while longer to sometimes learn these things anyway. Thought the Mommy and Mom thing was cute, I can't remember when I quit calling my Mom Mommy or when you kids started calling me Mom, but I think he's right, about the age of 9 or 10. Love you both very much. Hope today was an easier day for you both.