Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Noah.....spending some of your birthday money....

Yesterday you did not feel that great....and were very tired. I cannot say a lot because I felt about the same.

You stayed home from school. You did not wake up easily. In fact I had to go wake you up which I felt bad about doing because I never have to wake you up. You were sleeping so soundly and were so snuggly warm. It was almost time to leave for school and then you proceeded to go on and on......all sorts of excuses why you did not want to go to school. You really did seem not EMOTIONALLY able to handle it for some reason so I turned the light in your bedroom back off and told you to go back to sleep. Which you did very easily.

You did go to your social skills building group however....and you enjoyed that.

Then we stopped at K-Mart so you could spend some of your birthday and Christmas money. This is what you picked out last night. You informed me this was your FIRST of MANY street signs you were going to collect. I bet you are correct.

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I love you Noah.....but you will be going to school today! I have also decided to supplement your public school work with some additional studies here at home. You agreed.


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Patty said...

Probably that will be best, to keep him busy all the time. He sounded like he was exhausted and you to Mommy. Love you guys.