Thursday, December 29, 2005

My birthday wishes for you are many yet simple.

I wish you will always find your way in the world with confidence and security in the knowledge of who you are and what you can offer to this world and others.

I wish for your safety and protection so you can live a full, prosperous life.

I wish for peace in your busy mind and understanding so you can handle living in my world.

I wish for you to continue to love the Lord pure in heart and soul like you do now.

I wish for you the ability to avoid a lot of the crap most kids when teenagers have to go through to learn. My hope is you can learn by avoiding those challenges.

I wish for you to be able to feel fulfilled in your life at whatever you choose to do.

I wish for you to know you can do anything you set your mind to and to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says.

I wish for you to continue to feel optimistic and hopeful, even when experiencing or seeing the horrors of the world today.

I wish for you to find a special love one day if that is what you desire so you won't be alone or lonely in this world but have someone special to share things with, to love and love you back and have a family.

I wish for you a new found ability to eat more variety of foods without gagging or crying.

I wish for you to realize there are always consequences to your actions and to think about those consequences before taking action. This lesson will save you a lifetime of regret.

I wish for you to tackle life with the gusto and fervor you already do. To enjoy life and living even through sorrows. I wish for you to suffer few sorrows.

I wish for you to continue to be such a loving, compassionate little boy, who will one day turn into a loving, compassionate man. One who will know how to treat a lady as a lady should be treated...and one who can support himself.

I wish for you to stay as a child in your heart and see through a child's eyes so you can keep the wonder of the world within you.

I wish for you to have independence one day.

I wish for you to have no regrets in your lifetime.

I wish you will someday know just how much I love you.

Happy 7th birthday my little man!

I love you so.

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