Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well we saw your daddy yesterday and again today....he stopped by after we talked so he could surprise you for a visit. You were so shocked to see him and immediately ran to him and plastered hugs and kisses all over him. At least the visit seemed to make you content and you were okay with him leaving. I am trying to establish a new routine for where your home environment does not always include your daddy living in it 24/7. So far it seems to be going long as you have visits or phone calls to him.

We took you to Occupational Therapy on Wed as usual. Afterwards we walked over to the adjoining park to let you play for a bit. A couple of really rough boys came up and slammed into some playground equipment you were playing with. Old enough to know better but they did it anyway. I did not think you would have a positive reaction to that. YOU started screaming but not as loudly as in the past and you took off running to a different area of the park. SO that went better than in the past where who knows what you may have done including possibly throwing something at them or somewhere else or even perhaps trying to push them? They were bigger than you so I doubt you would have pushed them. BUT ........I was impressed with how you handled it and quickly recovered. SO you are learning. ONCE THEIR mother called them back over to settle down and leave you came back and continued playing till it was time to go. Many times you want kids to play with you and be around...and many many times you don't and would rather just be left alone to play somewhere.

Looks like it might rain today. Wanted to get the truck washed...maybe we will wait.

Still does not feel much like Christmas to mommy. Hope I can at least make it feel like it for you.

I love you my little man.


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kyra Anderson said...

so proud of noah for how he responded at the park!

i'm sending you christmas vibes. i hope they make it across the blogosphere:


sending my very best!