Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well today you are working on losing tooth #2....the bottom front tooth. Your first tooth loss was only a few weeks back and you handled that very well. In fact you went in and pulled it out yourself and all our fears about how you could or could not handle losing a tooth faded.

TILL today. The second bottom front tooth is loose and almost out...hanging by a thread. BUT this time round you are extremely upset by it all and WILL NOT just pull it have gone all day and the tooth is sideways in your mouth now apparently only attached by a thread.

You have not been able to eat....hardly drink....and really don't want anyone even trying to help you pull it out. SO it has been tough.. Crying...lots of that.....HAND FLAPPING which I have not seen you do in a long long time. An extremely upsetting day for you.

I am hopeful the tooth will come out tonight yet as you HAVE to be hungry.

I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE MAN! even when you today told me if I pushed on your tooth too hard to try to get it out you would "run away". FIRST TIME you have ever said anything like that to mommy.........

You also brought out a bookmark that says "I LOVE JESUS" and handed it to me and told me that it was for me as "you have been mean and bad lately". You apparently think I yelled at Daddy last Thursday and am making him cry (yes we are having problems)...but I only raised my voice and in fact this time did not yell but was trying to protect an episode between you and Daddy. Somehow I am now the bad guy and have been reminded everyday to BE NICE and BE GOOD or Santa would not bring me any GOOD presents...and then the bookmark today.

SO what can I say? I love you regardless...and I suppose over time there is bound to be one of many days where you will think I am a mean mommy and maybe even want to run away....though I never thought there would be and it makes me sad to think you feel that way even if you don't completely understand 6 1/2 years old.




kyra said...

oooh. i hope that tooth comes OUT SOON!!!

Patty said...

Dear Noah,
Keep working on that tooth, so your new one will come in.
Love you little fella.