Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Noah!!

Today it is your 7th birthday. You have decided to get a Monster Truck decorated birthday cake (which you will probably only eat some of the icing of) and then you want to go to Perkins for lunch (to have pancakes). Daddy I think is getting you a Gameboy as he thought that would also be something to take along during our drive to Ohio.

Anyway...seems like only yesterday you were being born. I love you so and am very proud of all the progress you have made so far in your life.

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KCsMom said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Noah!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday little man. Perhaps your next Birthday we will be able to spend together with Melissa, Audrey, Becky, Margaret, Angela, Alex, Gary, and Grandpa, also Grandma Custer.

Love you very, very, much.