Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well Christmas has come and gone. So hard to believe another year will be starting soon. Our lives are changing every day. You are so much calmer without Daddy here 24/7. An amazing difference. We have had some wonderfully intimate and giggly moments in time. I have loved and treasured them all. You are such a kind and generous caring person....bringing me snacks or water to drink..all without prompting or being asked to do so. We have played with your new Wedgits many times over....and have a blast each time. We have run errands and taken drives in the truck...much to your delight! We have quiet times here at home curled up in bed reading. You are finally starting to sleep by yourself....even if it is in my bed......when I am not in it!

The transformation is apparent to me...as I am sure it would be to anyone else around you.

You make mommy very proud of you Noah and I love you so.



kyra said...

i'm proud of him too. and of you for creating a safe loving giggly home for your sweet boy!

Patty said...

Dear Noah,
So happy that your daily life is so much more calmer and peaceful.

Won't be much longer and you will be having a Birthday.

Love you very much little man. Take care of Mommy and yourself.

Love you, Grandma