Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dear Noah

Well we have still NOT decorated for Christmas. Hopefully tomorrow and/or this weekend we will get it all done. Kind of late getting a lot of things accomplished it seems this year.

You did want to make gingerbread we did that tonight. We had fun but you seemed to tire out easily. I think not enough sleep lately.

You SO need a bath...but late for that too. TOMORROW for sure my little man!

I will love you forever



Patty said...

Tell Mom to get away from the computer and start decorating. Grandma hasn't started yet, although Grandpa did hang the big red bow on the front door.
Love you little fellow.

Eileen said...

I just finally took my scarecrow and pumpkin off the fornt door. Maybe this week I will get some Christmas decorations up.

I am glad to hear how wonderful Noah is doing in Occupational Therapy.

I have two boys. Brian is 4 and Andrew is 3. Andrew has Autism and is also doing well with his OT.