Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear got an Honor Award from school...

you have room for improvement in some areas but considering you have not yet finished 4th grade (not till the end of November first week in December) and are actually doing 5th grade Language did pretty well scoring at least at the state level on all except writing. Which I know you need help there. That will be a long time coming probably for you and in fact...I am going to work on that the rest of the summer with you and also get you started on officially learning how to type so you can type your thoughts out. You already can type and when you DO type the things you write are much more detailed and better....because you are not so focused on the actual act of writing itself.

Today I still was not feeling well but we did a few things. However, you were so whiny today and cried at the drop of a hat over the silliest things. EVERYTHING......and I mean cry. You teared up and started losing it because you thought we ran out of bathroom cups.

I tried explaining to you today that while I understand that is part of your autism AND generalized anxiety MUST LEARN to get a grip and determine which things are really worth your time and effort and emotions to cry about. That will likely take some time. You said you were trying and I know you are doing better.....sometimes now just tearing up, but holding back the tears, swallowing hard, and not letting loose with the dam.

Today however was another story altogether. With me feeling like I was not a great combination.

So anyway....when you saw this certificate award that came in the mail you were so happy and proud of yourself!

CONGRATULATIONS are doing well!

I love you!



Patty said...


Hope today is a better day for you and Mommy.

Audrey went to visit her other Grandma and will be there until Thursday evening. Her cousins from Columbus, who she hasn't seen since Easter, will also be staying till Thursday. So that will make four kids that Grandma will be taking to the Fair on Wed. and a play on Thursday. She'll have her hands full.

Again, great job on getting that nice award. Love you

Betsy said...

Yea! Congrats, Noah...and you, too, both worked hard. Feel better...sounds like you need to get out and get some bathroom cups! ;)

Art Is Life, Life Is Art said...


Osh said...

Great job on the award Noah!!!

(Melinda...sometimes I want to cry...and I do...over the little things...oh man, our poor kids sometimes. Hang in there)

kristi said...

Melinda, I made a new autism blog. I still have my crazy in tx blog. E mail me if you would like to read the new one.

Hope school goes well for you and Noah, my kids start on the 24th.