Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Noah.....drive-in weekend and cousin sleepover....

Well we have been busy as usual. Sunday we picked up cousin Audrey as we were going to the Drive-In to see the new Harry Potter movie. You both ran around so much before the movie your little armpits were really stinking so I told you to take off your shirt in the car and I would wipe you down with some antibacterial hand sanitizer stuff....that waterless soap. You said you were afraid to take off your shirt as people would think you were a "sex offender!" NOT sure why you thought that but after explaining things to you..you removed your shirt and I scrubbed you AND the shirt down! MUCH better smell after that!

I must say we were all disappointed in that...especially me. Noah you were too busy playing games with Audrey in the back seat and not really paying attention to the movie so much. Every few minutes you would yell out "is that the half blood prince?" To which Audrey would say, "NO!" as she had seen the movie once already but had never been to a drive-in before. We were going to see the second show Ice Age 3 but you both wanted to go home. Audrey was going to spend the night with you and we were going to blow up the big queen sized mattress and you and Audrey were going to sleep on that while I slept on the sofa. We all stayed up until 4:30 a.m.!!!!!!

You both slept in only for 7 hours so were up and ready to go again on Monday! You had breakfast at lunch and lunch at supper and supper at snacktime before bed. We went to Shawnee Prairie preserve and the park and Burger King and made cookies and played games...supper to go in the car with the windows rolled down enjoying the summer breeze (until we all smelled manure!) The windows went up fast after that!

We had a very nice visit....and you are already planning your next sleepover with your cousin Audrey! You told her you wished she could live with us forever!

Today you crashed. You slept in until almost 2:00 PM!!

You had a couple of spells the last 2 times you have gone to the park where you say your chest inside feels "cold" and you get sick to your stomach and you look really pale and you then get super tired. I called the cardiologist about this, but she thinks you should be having ZERO symptoms with your mild aortic insufficiency. SO...she thinks it might be something else....or vasovagal type symptoms. OF course with most docs it can be a crap shoot and they guess just as much as you or I do. I KNOW these are not normal symptoms for you and they were very strange. You were so tired after the episodes you could not really do much. I will watch you and if they continue or happen again I will take you to the doctor or ER.

I love you much little man!



Melissa said...

Audrey had a lot of fun, but man was she tired today! She was up at 7:30 and tonight when she hurt her foot, she cried, and cried, and cried because she told me she was "so tired". She's laying on the sofa now watching some TV. It will soon be bedtime. Thanks again. Love you guys!

Patty said...

Glad they both ahd a good time. He also handled her coming home better than the last time.

Yes, keep a check on his problem, what may seem like it shouldn't be causing any problem, might be to some people that are more sensitive.

We stopped in to see Marilyn on our way back from your Dad's doctor's visit in Kettering today. But she was sleeping soundly and I rubbed her arm, but she didn't wake up, and I hated to bother waking her, afraid they might have given her something to make her sleep for her pain. So I left a note. Mom and Mike weren't there , it was around 12:15, but when I tried to call Mom before we left, she didn't answer, and when I tried when we got home, she also didn't answer, so I called around 7:30 and left a message. It's almost 9 and still haven't heard from her. Also Marilyn's room number was 5411, not 5311 like Debbie had told us.

Queenbuv3 said...

Glad he had a good time! I would definately keep an eye on those symptoms. I don't trust doctors and we moms know when something isn't right despite them telling us everything is fine.

My son and daughter have "sleepovers" occasionally in each others rooms. I never thought they would get along. It is one of those "normal" kid things that unfortuanately my son will probably never do with anyone other than his sister.

kristi said...

Glad they had fun!

Betsy said...

Oh those boys can get SO stinky, can't they? LOL!