Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dear Noah.......our trip to the used bookstore.....

Wednesday we went to the graveside services of my great uncle who had passed away....and your cousin Audrey was also there. She went home with us to spend the day with you while I finished work.

Before going home I took you both to the local used bookstore. Stepping inside the door you blurted out in front of the owner "Boy this place gets messier and messier each time we come!" (because this particular used bookstore she does not have everything on the shelves and some books are just in huge piles on the floor...tossed here and there).

We all really enjoyed that immensely and all took home some treats.

While standing in the checkout with Noah disappeared back into the side room to look at more books. I kept telling you we were getting ready to leave. Finally it was time to go.

Once outside the store on the way to the car you proceeded to tell me about some author who had written all these SEX books which had pictures of men and women doing "sexual things."

I flipped around quickly and asked you "WHAT??" I started asking the million mom questions and asked if they were men and women and you said yes. I asked if they were naked and you said only on the top. I asked if you if they were doing anything and you said "sort of." I am not sure what sort of meant and I am not sure what type of book you saw....whether it was an art book or something else entirely. This is not a bookstore that carries porn of any kind so I have no idea...yet.

You then told me you wanted to come back soon because you wanted to "see some more" and "look at them all!"

OH are very much the boy with hormones. Once back home apparently you also pulled your cousin's top of her dress out and said you could see her boobs.

sigh...........haha time I am going to have you show me what books you were looking at in the bookstore so I can see for myself exactly what they were. I cannot imagine it is anything too bad....but....who knows. We are pretty open and up front in our discussions about the human anatomy and sex so it should not be a big deal. I did find it funny that you were so excited about the books and wanted to go back and see more. Typical 10-year-old boy stuff I think.

You did well at the funeral...this was the first one you went to. We walked over to see grandpa C's grave first....and I told you that is where grandma C. would be buried too one day if she passes on. You said "if she ever dies I will really cry a lot!" I told you everyone would.

I love you Noah. I have had a migraine for 2 days...but think tonight it is finally starting to clear up. Thanks for letting me take a nap today!



Betsy said...

Oh, my...I'm laughing! Boys! :)

Patty said...

Yes, boys will be boys, no matter how much they've been told and explained things. But I would check out those books to make sure nothing got past the owner of the store. LOL

You also could have told Noah, although he never knew the people, there are lots of our relatives buried at that cemetery. My Grandparents, three aunts and their spouses, my Dad, and my sister, along with some of my Great aunts and uncles. That was the first time she had ever been at a funeral also, I thought they both did real well. They didn't fidget around but stood very quietly like a little lady and gentleman.

I believe Audrey had a great time visiting at your house with you and Noah.

Love you both.

Melinda said...

yes mom I have. We have been to the cemetery many times...and have always checked out all the family members buried there. He even checked out some of those graves the day of the funeral. We have been there too with grandma C. and Sonny in the past....we frequent it a lot