Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dear Noah........I cannot believe it is July 1 already!

Monday we were super busy! We spent all day running around. You were exhausted by the time we got home.

We started off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then to the mall. While at the mall we came across these 2 photo booths and I asked if you could sit down and have your photo taken at this one where after your photo was taken the machine then sketched out the photo into a drawing. You were NOT wanting to do this...but I said look..for 2.00 this could be my birthday present from you to me. SO you sat there.

I then found a booth where we could both squeeze in and have little snapshots taken. You did that too. You enjoy the end results now back at home more than you did the actual process.

After the mall we went to Home Depot as you wanted to see one since you had not seen one since we lived in Colorado. Then you wanted to check out a different Big Lots.

Then lunch at Long John Silvers...and Wal*Mart...then the Goodwill. FINALLY home after hitting up Walgreens for these amazing sparkling balls......among other things.

Last night on the way home from grandma C's house you saw a man walking down the street and said "look mom....he is wearing a girl's shirt!" I glanced over and it was a man wearing a muscle T-shirt.....sleeveless tank type kind. I had to laugh...and tried to explain that to you.

Cousin Audrey came over with Aunt Melissa on Sunday for a cookout and swim in the backyard pool.

Time is getting away from me and I realize I am not always updating this as often as I want to or should.

Regardless Noah you are changing.....growing up....and I love you very much.


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Patty said...

Dear Noah and Mommy, I really think the photo/drawing turned out nice. Glad he agreed to having it done. Those balls are different, reminds me of a snow globe type thing. You guys sound like you were really busy, running here and there. Melissa and Audrey just left to go to Angela's, Gary's fixing chicken paprikash, which iwll work out good, since Audrey had her teeth painted today at the dentist with fluoride and isn't suppose to eat anything hard, or gummy till tomorrow. So I will be fixing your Dad a burger soon for his supper along with some salad and probably a little watermelon. For some reason, my hands feel like ice, our temp says its about 68. See you guys on Saturday. Love you to the moon and back.