Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dear Noah.......hand prints on the ceiling?????!!!!!!

Last night before bedtime you told me you had something to tell me I would not be happy about.

You then proceeded to tell me that you happened to notice what looked like YOUR hand prints on the CEILING in the living room. I asked you what you meant and how your hand prints could possible get on the ceiling. I mean "were you standing on something to reach the ceiling?"

You answered, "Yes." "what were you standing on?"

You said, "the coffee table."

I told you I would check for hand prints and fingerprints today when the sun was shining in the room.

Sure enough....I looked up this morning on my way through the living room...and there were your little hand prints and fingerprints all over the ceiling! (CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE)

NOW if this were my house instead of renting it...I would have probably just left them there....but I tried washing them off with my mop...which probably only made it worse as now it is a bit streaky and I still think you can see the hand prints.

So......I told you to NOT EVER stand on anything like that could get hurt...etc.

You said you had always wanted to know what it would be like to "touch the ceiling."

So now you know...and until you get tall enough to do it all on your own again one day.....hopefully with cleaner hands.....I want you to stay DOWN off the furniture and other objects to try to reach that far up!

you are incredible......and I still love you.



Patty said...

How on earth could he still reach it from the coffee table? Did he jump, or did he set something on the coffee table? Try a little bleach in the water, but you'll probably have to mop the whole ceiling, or paint it, when you decide to move out. Boys will be boys.

Betsy said...

Oh, too funny...but of course, I don't have to clean it up. Looks like greasy hands from Dominos? LOL!

Alpha Wolfpup said...

You should have used a mr. clean magic eraser, they work great on walls. Trust me I know, I had made hand prints on my ceiling too because I had the top bunk.