Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dear Noah........we have been busy!

We had a very nice 4th of July holiday weekend. My birthday was squeezed in on Sunday. We shared a piece of a tiny birthday cake I had purchased at our local store. It was so yummy. Of course you only ate the icing!

Ever since Michael Jackson died you have been thinking a lot. The other day you came out and asked if your daddy was now 55 years old since his birthday on June 2. I told you yes he was....to which you replied "I need a younger daddy!" When I asked you why you said "well what is he dies early?" I think the Michael Jackson death has made you think about things like this. I told you that you cannot change the age of your dad...and we talked about it for awhile.

Monday when we talked about it again.....you said his age was now fine and you did not need him to be a different age.

Saturday we went to grandma and grandpa L.'s house for a big birthday/Father's Day/Fourth of July party/cookout. We had a good time and lots of good food. You really enjoyed playing with Audrey like you always do.

Sunday was my birthday and we spent a quiet time here at home. It was a time of reflection for me since my great uncle passed away Saturday night at 10:30 and my aunt is still not doing well in the hospital. We will go to the services at the cemetery on Wednesday and this will be the first thing of that sort you have ever attended.

Monday you did not want to venture too far from home so I got a lot done around the house. You have apparently set personal goals for yourself to record exactly 25 videos per day and if you don't...well.....you can barely go to bed and sleep.

I cannot believe it is already July......the first week into July. I have still made no real time to sit down and make up a schedule for you this summer and I need to seriously do that this week.

Otherwise though...all has been going pretty well and smoothly this summer. I love you Noah...very much!



Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, Melinda! Sounds like you guys are enjoying your summer! It is flying by too fast, isn't it!? I can't believe it's July already.

Patty said...

Yes, you two are on the go alot on your days off and even on days when you're working you seem to manage to pop someplace quickly.

Not sure yet if your Dad is going to the graveside service, if not, Audrey has already said she would stay home with him.

Becky, Margaret and I went to see Marilyn last evening. She's doing about as well as can be expected. Margaret's Grandma is right next door to Marilyn. She fell and has a hair line fracture of her right arm. Apparently she got up to go to the bathroom, through the night, and fell. The four of them had eaten dinner/supper at the Olive Garden.

Well I'm off here in a few minutes to get my hair cut. Love you both.