Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Noah....Sunday was a little overwhelming for you....

I called up my sister and asked if she would like to bring Audrey over so she could go swimming with you and play with you for the afternoon. They came over....you both swam for a little bit and played restaurant for awhile. I had already told you ahead of time that they would have to leave between 6 and 6:30 p.m. because Melissa had some things to do at home.

Then my uncle stopped by too and we all were there at the same time. When it came time for your cousin to leave...our uncle also decided to leave....everyone was leaving and you had a fit. Well you started crying...but it was a LOT of crying and it turned into you having a hard time handling the crying and handling the disappointment. You have done very well for so long....but this got out of hand. Audrey went over to say something to you at the door where you were trying to block anyone from leaving and before I could turn around I could hear you raising your voice and also grabbing her arm. It all happened so fast and I thought you bit her arm. Audrey turned around holding her arm and went to walk back to her mom and I asked her if she was all right and if you had bit her but she said you only pulled her arm. BUT you pulled it hard and I know it had to hurt her because of the shocked look on her face and the fact that she was holding her arm.

I sent you to your room and had to really raise my voice to get you to even hear me. They all left and you got even worse for awhile before you got better. FINALLY after telling you we were NOT going to go anywhere else that night after you acted like that.......you finally started to calm down. You told me you would calm down better driving in the car but I said no you would have to find something else to help calm you down here at home. You could not possibly go anywhere in the shape you were in!

You just wish someone were there all the time to play with you. Another kid. You wished Audrey could live with us. You wished all sorts of things. I felt totally inadequate...but also realized I am not enough for you. Not that I ever thought I was or would be. BUT I know you need more...more than just being around me all the time or in your room all the time or even in this house a lot of the time. More than just being around family from time to time....a lot more. SO I need to work on that and find some solutions and slowly transition them into your days.

I gave you a nice bath and washed your hair later....that helped calm you down. I fixed you something to eat and you watched a favorite movie. At bedtime you went to your own bed to sleep a bit better but still not great.

You slept for over 13 hours.

I know your body is changing and your hormones are also starting to show their presence which I am sure also adds to the mix. Tonight you came up to me to inform me you are getting hairs ....DOWN there (well you specifically said matter-of-fact where but I won't here). It was sorta cute and funny....and I said yes you would get more hair as you grew into a young man. You then showed me all the hairs on your arms and legs...but remarked about how they were all still very blond.

So we had a very exhausting Sunday night...Monday you slept in. We then went and spent the day with grandma C. in the afternoon. She took us to Captain D's for supper. You actually decided you would TRY their chicken and fries and you actually did and LIKED IT ALL and ate every bite! You even said you could have eaten another piece of chicken. Back at her house you had a bowl of strawberry ice cream!

So more new things you are trying and actually like. This is good and just reinforces what I continue to tell you....you never know if you will like something or not unless you try it!

I am going to bed. I am tired. I also need to get YOU in bed.

I love you Noah!



Patty said...

Sounds like it was a rough time. Glad he enjoyed his visit with Mom and liked the new foods he tried. Strawberry ice-cream, I haven't had any of that in a long time.

Had my eye check up this morning. Right now everything seems really bright, and hard to see the typing, my eyes are dilated. I go see a surgeon Friday for an evaluation for the cataracts.

Love you both.

Betsy said...

OH, I'm sorry...those situations are so stressful! Sounds like a combination of tired, hormones, and wanting friends more often.

Cute about the maturing body! LOL
Baths always unstress me!