Friday, May 01, 2009

Dear has been a little difficult getting you back into the swing of school......

(Noah when we still lived in Colorado playing doctor)

but we are plugging along.

In the mornings now you come into my office and sit on my lap and hug me. We have a silly routine we go through where I say good morning to you and then ask if you had any dreams and you always say "I can't remember any." This is all very new and progress because in the past when you would get up you would never say a word....or come into my room....but instead stand silently behind me or sit in the hallway. I would sometimes also not say anything to see how long it would take you to realize you should say something to let me know you were up....but you never would. You could sit there forever unless I said something to you first. SO I explained to you that when you get up in the morning....if you were coming to "greet" someone good morning.....that it would be appropriate to at least let that person know you were there. Say good morning..etc. SO now you do. AND you come into my room AND sit in my lap for awhile.

Well the other morning you came in....and you hugged me and on your own without prompting you told me you loved me. AND then I laid my head on your chest and you hugged me and my head and said "aw I love you even more when you lay your head on my chest like that."

You are sweet...and a snuggler. Hopefully I can keep this in mind as I try to ignore your rolling eyes when I say it is time to do school later today!

I love you Noah......very much.



Patty said...

Sounds like he's progressing along nicely. I also notice when I hug him goodbye, he usually will hug back.

Some rain we had just about the time the bus came today, it came down hard blowing in sheets.

kristi said...

TC can be so sweet sometimes too.

Maddy said...

There's always something and for us it's the annual STAR tests. They come home so pooped all they want to do is snuggle up which suits me just fine.
Best wishes