Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Noah.......busy busy busy......

For we have been lately. Trying to remember to squeeze school in the mix makes us even busier!

Your uncle Chris was up from Florida for a few days this past week so we enjoyed getting together to see him. You did pretty well but did have some issues on Friday while there ...things were said....we learned....and we all move on.

For Mother's Day you wanted to take me to the antique mall on Saturday and then to dinner at Fazoli's. You had a coupon so were able to get us both dinner for under 6.00. You also gave me a nice musical Snoopy card you picked out and bought yourself.

We had a nice drive to the antique mall....and a very enjoyable weekend. I had a lazy day reading and sleeping on Sunday.....and then we topped that off by visiting with grandma C. Sunday night taking her KFC for dinner.

Today we will plant some vegetables in our backyard flowerbeds .....and you want to spend most of the day then on your computer while I work inside the house and garage rearranging all the storage boxes and hopefully finishing this room.

I love you Noah.......very much.


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Patty said...

Sounds like you've been busy today. I mowed the backyard, help plant some rhubarb, sucked up some of those darn maple seeds from gutter and around the edge of the yard in front, now I am resting a little. It will soon be time for Audrey to get home. Love you both, have a good evening watching DWTS. I wonder who will go this week, surely the rodeo guy, even though he's improved, the other couples are so much better.