Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Noah......getting you to do school lately has been very difficult!

Last night I decided to let you have a sleep over in my today is trash day and since your bedroom faces out front the trash trucks can sometimes wake you up way too early.

I changed all our sheets yesterday....finally removing the winter flannel sheets and putting on nice cool summer cotton sheets instead. I also flipped our mattresses and washed the bedspreads.

So last night when you crawled into bed you said "the sheets smell like my daddy," and "I miss my daddy" and then "I really want my daddy."

I smelled the sheets and did not think they smelled like anyone in particular, but just fresh sheets.

However you could not fall asleep.....tossing and turning.....30 minutes later it was almost 11:30 p.m.....and you told me you could not fall asleep. You were busy thinking about your dad and wondering when he was going to come in for a visit.

I decided to grab the cell phone and just call him and let you talk to him real quick and tell him what you had been thinking about.

The first thing you said to him after he asked you what you were still doing awake was "WHEN are you going to come for a visit?" and then "Maybe you could come during the week of the fair in August"....."I thought maybe Father's Day too but that is too close for you to get the money to come."

I told your dad what you had said about the sheets and how you had been missing him and wanting to see him....etc. I have to say he seemed happy to hear it all but then also seemed to really be more formal with you and rush you off the phone. Maybe because he was at work or something..not sure as he has sometimes done this to you before though I am not sure he is aware of it. The comments he made back to you sounded almost rehearsed for anyone in the general public rather than his own son. I am not knocking him is just what it all sounded like and it seemed so obviously plain and apparent to me last night listening to him talk to you on speaker phone.

Anyway.....I thought it was all very sweet and the fact that you are expressing your feelings so well is huge progress for you.

I love you......hope you sleep in this morning and the trash trucks don't wake you up!



kristi said...

That would have bothered me too. Hopefully Noah can see him soon though.

Melissa said...

I understand the whole missing Dad thing with Audrey. I hope Noah can see his Dad soon. I know he misses him.

Christy said...

That must be difficult for you to have deal with mechanical sounding responses. Anyway about the sheets reminding Noah of his dad, if I recall right his dad stays in a hotel when he visits and the smell of the clean fresh sheets may smell like those at the hotel and hence reminding him of his dad. Just my two cents. Spring is such a hard time to motivate school kids. The opportunity to spend time outside always wins out for some reason...I wonder why.

Melinda said...

YES Noah did say it reminded him also of Motel 6 that is probably what triggered it reminding him of his dad

Patty said...

Shame he doesn't live closer and could see him more often. At one time he talked about getting a job in Ohio doing what he's doing in Co, I'm assuming he's changed his mind? It has to be hard on Noah or any child when their Father isn't close by.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

My boys miss their dad a lot too. It's hard on all of us that he lives so far away. Hope Noah gets to see his dad soon.

Lora said...

Noah is such a sweetie and I hate it for him that he misses his daddy, maybe he can see him soon. That must be difficult for you for his daddy to sound that way over the phone.