Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear lost another tooth.....

which is good as you have about 6 the dentist said that were ready to come out or about ready to come out. The tooth fairy left you 3.00 for it.

School is plugging along. You still have a little under 60 hours to get in before the end of the official school year June 11.

I had a few things to write about earlier today.....thought they would make a nice post...but I did not have the time then. Thought I would wait till tonight and now I cannot remember what it was I wanted to post. That is terrible.

AND you still have a few more visits for Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy....they forgot they were to go by the school calendar year of the school you are officially enrolled in now. DUH.

Monday we had a good day but were super busy. We also went to the park to check out the pool and we walked a lap around the track. I also let you play at the park for awhile. I mowed and well we did a lot of things. We sat outside at night at the patio table and you asked if we could do that a lot this summer and I said permitting.

You wanted to get a new swimming pool so we did that. I should have filled it today but I had no time. It has been in the 80s and will be for a few days. You are hoping your cousin Audrey will be able to come swimming with you. brain tonight cannot think of what I wanted to say. It seemed it was something profound..or profound to me......about you. Guess if I think of it later I can make another post. I guess at nighttime I will have to start making posts ahead of time and scheduling that they get posted each day. I never seem to have much time to do this otherwise anymore though I still get here and make posts.

We are thinking about getting a tent and camping out in the backyard....and also taking the Coleman Inflatable bed out back and watching the meteor showers when they roll around again this summer.

Here is a picture you took of us in the office area last night.

I love you!



Patty said...

Wow, Noah, $3.00 for a tooth, that tooth fairy is very generous. I think your Mom got about .50 cents when she was little.

I've never slept outside and have never wanted to. It just never sounded like much fun to me.

Sounds like you and Mom have been busy everyday this week. So has Grandma, I listed on my blog what all I had been doing this week. Tuesday I was really, really tired, so I fixed Sloppy Joes for supper, something fast and easy. Well ordering Pizza would have been the easiest.

We aren't planning on doing anything over Memorial Day week-end. Becky and Margaret are going south again. Grandpa has been going over to Lewisburg looking for a Pileated woodpecker he keeps hearing. But so far he hasn't found him to take his photo.

You did a good job on the picture you took of you and your Mommy. Have to run, love you.

KC's Blog said...

Noah is getting so big! He looks like his Mama, beautiful! Pretty eyes :)

Betsy said...

Congrats on the tooth fairy visit! That is great and always so much fun!

Love the family picture at the bottom. Noah is turning into a young man...and so handsome!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

What a beautiful photo! Does Noah have an interest in photography?

Melinda said...

yes Noah has a huge interest in photography and making video movies with his camera too. He has for years now and he is very good at taking pictures and making those movies. He is turning into quite the little man yes....he is a sweetie pie

thanks for all the visits and nice comments!