Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Noah...I found out.......

that even if we plug along on with school studies till we get completely caught up with the school calendar year along with everyone else (and not go by when you actually started school as your year is not up till first week in December) would not get credit for any hours we actually put into all that work towards next year's school only get credit for hours put in during the school calendar year....which ends June 12. So anything over the required total 920 hours is just extra and will not be allowed to be counted towards next year's 920 hours...even though you can make your own school year calendar and do school whenever you want. So....I guess I can keep a log and mark stuff off later to get the credit.......or just wait and pick school back up again in the fall along with everyone else. Problem with waiting is you will be 3 months behind starting fifth grade work in some subjects then.....(but you are already doing fifth grade language arts stuff all year this year so I guess it makes no big difference).

So.......I am debating now about progressing too far as I want you to have some time off this summer and not get too burned out and then also rushed to get done before the new school year begins. I think we will skate through it instead over the summer adding a lot of fun things to do and field trips......and pick up again to finish in the fall.

You have had a lot of headaches lately.....not sure why. I know you have been super picky about eating and not eating very much as everything seems to smell funny to you and make you gag or taste funny to you and you can't eat it. You are down to ZERO cookies too now as they have been bothering you to even eat those....

YOU DID agree to eating some healthier foods the other day. After a long talk with you again about how unhealthy fast food is for you and the fact that they even put chemicals now in the paper fast food is wrapped in that can cause have not wanted it as often which is good. You have not eaten at our local Burger King (your old favorite) for MONTHS. You refuse to go since you had a bad experience there twice in a row where the french fries were old or cold...nasty leftover things they looked and tasted like. So your choices are dwindling. I told needed to try more new foods and healthier choices so you could live a long full healthy life. Avoid disease...etc.

SO you agreed to some grilled chicken......and apple slices and carrot slices. YES you read that right. APPLE slices and CARROT slices. You only ate 3 little slices of carrots and about 4 apple slices but I was thrilled and you DID like them although you said the carrots did not really have much taste.

We have been busy (or I have) reorganizing the garage and house...and we realized when you got a notice from the local library that we had checked out all the kid books with YOUR library card last time....and they are all overdue since when I renewed books I apparently only renewed the ones on MY card forgetting entirely you had a card and had checked out 17 books that are now.....TWO WEEKS overdue. WHY the library waits so long to send out a notice irritates me too.....especially for that many books. It will be around 10.00 to pay that fine unless I fight it.

You have a new obsession/interest.....old soda pop machines. You are even drawing noted above by the drawing you did on your Doodle Pad. stayed up late last night so are still sleeping in. You are off school today as I have you on my schedule.

Today is your last day for occupational therapy this school year. You have 2 more speech therapy visits.

We have lots to do. You wanna come help mommy mow today? I could put you on the smaller battery mower!




kristi said...

I would do just like you, do school every once in awhile. I did lots of mowing this weekend.

Betsy said...

I'm quite impressed with the drawing! Really great!

And the apples and carrots....that is wonderful! I hope he keeps it up. Being brave enough to try a new food is a big, big deal!

Gorgeous weather to mow...hope you can get out there and enjoy it!
Have a great day, Melinda...and Noah! :)

Patty said...

That's quite a cool looking pop machine.

Keep up the good work of trying something new now and then. Apples are good for you and so are carrots. I like them both.