Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dear Noah.....the swimming pool is inflated and filled......

and hopefully the water will warm up enough you can swim today. This is a large pool that I decided to blow up by myself in my bedroom (first mistake) as I could then barely get it back OUT of the bedroom to take down the hall and outside. We finally got it outside....and we filled it up yesterday...then I realized there is NO DRAIN hole in it.

NOW I have to drain this pool and move it every so many days so I won't kill the this will not be so much fun when we get to that day.

BUT...otherwise you are all about wanting to go swimming...

You have also been requesting "COMFORT" -- Every day now you ask if I will come and "comfort" you in the morning when you wake up...sometimes during the day you ask for more "comforting." I finally asked you what exactly COMFORT meant to YOU and you said "when you come in the morning and lay down with me in bed....or keep me company in my room, " and I said "oh you mean like just being with you and snuggling up with you." OF COURSE that is comfort.....I figured that is what you meant.

SO I have been giving you lots of comfort I stand back and see you growing up so fast.




Patty said...

What if the pool set in one spot and killed the grass, could it be replanted in the fall? That takes a lot of time, water and work filling and dumping it. Shame you don't have some sort of little platform that sits about three inches from the ground for the pool to sit on. I suppose that's one reason we never had a pool for you kids except a tiny wading pool. Love you both.

trashalou said...

Oh I think we could all do with more 'comforting' in our lives. ;-)

kristi said...

I love that! "Comfort" don't we all need that sometimes?

We bought a big above the ground pool last summer and it will be going up once we get back from vacation in June. Til' then, TC has a little pool AND a slip n slide.