Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dear have been very affectionate lately.....

(Noah at around 3-5 years of age in Colorado I camera's time stamp was wrong half the time)

Every morning you now come into my office where I am working and climb onto my lap and give me a big hug good morning and then sit there for a long time....I kiss you and we talk....and you snuggle. So sweet.

Last night you actually took a break from your computer to come into the living room to snuggle with me again. You pressed your nose tightly into my arm and sniffed.....and said "you smell VERY good!" followed by "I love that smell!" I asked you what I smelled like but you could not give me any description. Later you told me I smelled "sexy." I asked you if you knew what SEXY meant and you were not really totally sure..but you did seem to use it in the correct context.

You used to go up and smell everyone. Even in public places you would want to "sniff" other kids or people and sometimes even lick them. It took a long time to change trade that behavior for another more appropriate one. You have also always loved women and when you used to see women in shorts in the summertime you always wanted to go up and rub their bare legs. were something.

You have wanted to have a sleepover in my room over the holidays...and you keep trying to add another "night's stay" onto your booking or reservation as you call it. Last night you informed me you were extending your reservation in my room until the weekend was over...then it would be back to your usual routine and your own room again.

I smiled. I love can be so adorable.



Jack and Joann said...

Just getting around to your comments on your informative discussion of America's food crisis.

Advertising can be blamed for some of this. Besides looking appealing advertising implies that what you see is what you get. Not so. Advertise heaven on earth and get hell on earth.

Since my family has many farmers I need to tell the that in the near future China will begin to grow tons of corn and soybeans and put them out of business.

I too check where th food is from and how it is produced. Having worked in an egg processing plant will make you want to avoid buying any store bought baked goods because of the leaker eggs they use. And that's right here in the U.S. Our hands are not clean either. Joann
Peace. Give Mr. Adorable a hug for me.

Melinda said...

I know it is scary! I want to have my own mini farm of sorts where I can grow and get my own food. I think it is a shame that most Americans do not realize or do not care that they are being run out of jobs because we are getting more and more crap from CHINA and other countries instead of using our own workers and produce our own goods here. This makes us only more dependent on those same other countries as well and we all know eating any of that stuff is highly questionable about its safety. It is not like we cannot grow our own stuff here we can....

Casdok said...

Very adorable! Lovely post :)
Happy new year!

marie6 said...

What a coincidence!!! That's what my son says when he feels like snuggling up in our bed..."I'm here for a weekend break".

Betsy said...

I love it. So very sweet!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Now sweet. Glad he's being so lovable. He's growing so quickly. Love you both, bushels and bushels.

Oh by the way, Mom said she moved the cat house around to the side of the porch, but I would think it would almost need a bale of hay to set against it, since the back side is facing the south and the fence and gate is no longer there.

Have a crock pot of northern beans and the Christmas ham bone on, they are nice and tender, that's going to be lunch today.